It’s autumn and leaves aren’t the only things changing here at lotus823. As our PR team preps for the busy trade show season, a new member has been added to the ranks!

Katie Lynch recently joined the lotus823 team as a PR Assistant Account Executive. After a whirlwind first week, we wanted to check in and see how things were going. See our interview below to get the scoop on Katie, including what led to her career in public relations and some of her favorite campaigns.

Welcome to the team, Katie! What’s your favorite thing about lotus823 so far?

Thank you! Very happy to be a part of the lotus823 team. I think my favorite thing, so far, is the overall office environment. With the combination of the cool, open office space, and the inviting nature of the team, it was easy to immediately feel part of a new “work family.” Everyone seems to truly support each other and enjoy working together.

What drew you to the world of public relations?

I think what drew me to PR was that it’s exciting! PR is somewhat of a misunderstood field – most of my family is stuck thinking I’m in advertising. But what I really enjoy, is helping brands, especially startups, take their ideas and wordsmith their messaging to be media-friendly, and clear to the general public. It’s not about patting yourself on the back, talking about how amazing your company/product is, but it’s finding what’s special about it. Sometimes companies have a hard time handling those tough questions, but that’s what makes it fun. Asking the tough stuff, and looking to highlight what’s most impressive.

Have you ever had to tackle a PR crisis?

Last spring I had an awesome story come out for a client. One problem, the reporter misquoted my client quite a bit and it upset the social media team for an A-list NFL athlete. Not to name specifics, but I had some angry emails coming my way. All in all, I had a chain of emails supporting that the reporter embellished some facts. In end, it was a lot of juggling between teams, and having bits amended throughout the piece. Everything was wrapped up in about 24 hours, but it took a lot of explanation to all parties as to what happened.

What’s your favorite marketing campaign of all time?

I really love the Old Spice, “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign. It launched in 2010 and was hilarious, a total hit. At the time, there weren’t many other ads that had that kind of humor, and I think that’s what really stuck with people. The first time I saw it, I think I was most shocked that a commercial was that ridiculous. Since then, I think it’s really changed the approach some brands have taken to connect with viewers.

Outside of lotus823, what are you passionate about?

As mentioned earlier, I love being outside, so it really depends on the season for what I’m doing. During the summer, I’m a beach bum to my core. In colder months, it’s more about parks and trails. I also love animals, especially dogs. The fact that lotus823 has dogs frequenting the office just proved even more so that this was the place for me.

We’ll close with the most important question…what’s your favorite food?

If I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it’d be pizza. It’s delicious hot or cold, breakfast/lunch/dinner – timeless meal. I went to Penn State and I think the toughest part about it was that PA does not have good pizza (at least from my experience.) Pizza might seem like a boring choice for ‘favorite food,’ but there are so many toppings and options, it’s really the only answer.

Thanks for answering our questions, Katie! We can’t wait to see what ideas you have in store for us. To meet the rest of the lotus823 team, click here.

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