From Google’s core algorithm update to Blizzard Jonas, we think it’s safe to say 2016 started off with a bang! Now that the dust has settled and 2016 is in full swing, we’re ready to continue to leverage the exciting opportunity of a new year.

Let’s take a look at some of January’s hot digital marketing topics:

CES 2016 Recap & Trends: The Future Is Now

During the week of CES 2016, we some crazy innovations like LG’s 95” 8K television. But more interestingly, most of what we saw was less radical and more realistic.

From wearables and 360 video to smart cars and Lightning-powered headphones, we felt like we were stepping into what could be a very possible future as we walked the show floor. Read our recap of CES 2016 to learn more about some of the hottest products released at the world’s largest consumer electronics event of the year!

How to Create Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

With a new year comes a new marketing strategy but sitting down to write your 2016 social media plan can definitely seem like a daunting task.

Our Director of Digital Marketing, Christine Rochelle, offered some advice on how to get started with flushing out your latest social tactics, from influencer marketing to reputation management. With her latest post in your back pocket, you just might create your best campaign yet!

2015 In Review: Social Media’s Biggest Moments

It wouldn’t be a new year without a recap of the previous one, would it? 2015 was a dynamic year for digital marketing that truly pushed the envelope for social media platforms.

From the introduction of streaming services like Periscope to Instagram’s advertising platform, things just got pretty serious on social! Take a look at our recap of 2015’s biggest social moments to learn what you can expect in 2016.

Some of our favorite digital marketing stories from January:

Updates to Facebook… and lots of ‘em!

It seems that a new year means new features for Facebook. January 2016 brought numerous changes to the way brands share content on Facebook. Most notable might be Facebook’s new audience optimization tools which allow for users to organically target which types of follower should see their posts, even if they are not boosting their post!

Even more interesting was Facebook’s release of Facebook Sports Stadium, which landed just in time for SuperBowl 50. This new platform allows for all Facebook content related to a football game on one’s newsfeed to appear in one place, in real time, chronologically.

According to PR Daily, these two changes are the not the last new features we will see coming to Facebook in 2016. The platform is said to have plans for Facebook at Work, Uber/Lyft Integration and Crowdfunding all in the next 12 months.

Snapchat is taking off

This month seemed to be an exciting time for the messaging platform we all know and love as Snapchat. If you’re new the platform, we think it’s time to catch up! With major celebrities, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and DJ Khaled, sharing candid glimpses into their life, it seems Snapchat is going through a Twitter-like adoption phase. Social Media Examiner put together a great guide to getting started with Snapchat Marketing, which we think will be the next big thing this coming year!

If January is any indication of how the rest of year will play out, it seems 2016 is going to be an interesting ride!

What were some of your favorite digital marketing happenings this month?


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