As an integrated marketing communications agency, we understand the value and necessity of creativity. Whether we’re building a public relations or social media campaign, or putting the final touches on an experiential marketing strategy, we need to come prepared with fresh ideas that will attract our clients’ audiences the right way.

But let’s face it…we get burnt out. After long days at the office and even longer conference calls, our creative juices stop flowing and we end up circling around the same idea, perpetually running in place.

One way to combat this roadblock amongst your team is to do a little teambuilding. Getting out of the office, changing your setting and just having fun with your colleagues can do wonders for morale. It’s like hitting the reset button on your collective wellbeing.

We are all about teambuilding here at lotus823. In fact, we ensure that we have a fun activity planned outside the office at least once a month. Those activities range from fun paint nights to volunteering in our local community.

Here are 3 ways that teambuilding helps spark creativity:

1. Provides a new source of inspiration.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – a book, the grocery store, or even a painting class! Our team got together for a painting night at Pinot’s Palette over the summer. It was a great opportunity for us to express our creativity in a way that didn’t involve a computer. We all let our paintbrushes glide across the canvas and arrived at masterpieces! 

2. Builds team unity.

Volunteering is a chance for your team to come together over something you all care about, aside from your clients. There are many opportunities for your office to give back. We’ve volunteered at our local food bank where we assisted with food drives and gardening, and have participated in a few 5Ks for charity. Donating your time to a common cause helps create a sense of unity across your team. This positive group dynamic facilitates communication during meetings and brainstorms.

3. Creates opportunities to de-stress.

Stepping outside the office can be a breath of fresh air during a stressful month. After our busy time here at lotus823, we all took a trip to the spa and were treated to a massage during our lunch break. We’ve also participated in a guided meditation session. Finding ways for your team to de-stress together is just as important as finding time on the calendar for a meeting. Once that stress is lifted, it’s much easier to host productive, thoughtful meetings that produce powerful ideas!

Do you know of a fun teambuilding activity? Share your ideas below!
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