My desk often sparks conversation. One may surmise I’m five years old or claim I’m the office kleptomaniac or I’m a hoarder (oh hey, two-year-old notebooks).

According to Entrepreneur, the way you organize and decorate reveals a “surprising” amount of information about who you are. Inspired by the many knick-knacks that surround me at my desk each day at our integrated marketing agency, I decided to dive into the meaning behind the maddening mess.

Decoding The Personality Behind Your Desk Clutter

1.    An organized desk: Dependable and timely.

People with organized desks tend to be more conscientious, meaning that they are reliable, task oriented people who plan well and get their work done on time…Having a messy desk isn’t a bad thing (creative people often do), but others may judge you incorrectly.”

2.    Uncommon objects: Creative and open to new experiences.

“People with original art, unusual spaces, or a diverse array of objects tend to be high in openness, meaning they embrace new ideas or experiences and are often very creative…Innovative companies, such as ad agencies or tech startups, tend to attract creative people and encourage their employees to showcase their personalities.”

3.    Inspirational posters and messages: Neurotic.

“People who pepper their desks with inspirational statements are typically a bit more neurotic — the classic Type A personality. If you have inspirational posters up, don’t worry that they’re sending the wrong message. Neurotic people are often highly successful in the workplace and the sayings they choose to display communicate their values to others.” I’d say there’s a good amount of neurotics at our integrated marketing agency.

4.    An inviting space: Extroverted.

“People with especially inviting offices — including an open door, comfortable chairs, or a candy jar — tend to be very social. By creating a welcoming space, they show others that they’re approachable, and often get many more visitors than the introverts. Sociability can pave the way for promotions and new opportunities, so introverts may help their careers by adding a few inviting touches.”

What My Stuff Says About Me: I’m Creative and Open to New Experiences

And, Apparently a Bit Neurotic…

What does your desk say about you? Leave us a comment below letting us know what the most unique item in your workspace is and what is says about you.


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