An innovative, new social networking site is bringing people together, over lunch!

“ is leading the way in the new trend of location-based networking. The new ‘social networking site’ will allow people to search and meet with people in their local area for a value exchange over lunch.” ~

GetLunched Social Networking SiteWhat is the GetLunched Social Networking Site? is built on the idea that everyone has a skill that could be valuable to someone they haven’t met yet. It’s about connecting people in close proximity to help them build new social engagements, and since people are more likely to want to help others when given a reason… lunch is a great incentive!

Who Can Use GetLunched?

Everyone! It can be used for business, inspiration, friendship or dating! It’s meant to be a social ‘action’ network with the goal of providing a reason to meet – therefore providing the opportunity for face-to-face meetings.

How Does GetLunched Work?

GetLunched is a network designed to help people get back to social networking face-to-face by letting users discover local connections and giving them a reason to meet up… lunch!

For example: Mary Smith may be interested in meeting with Joe Doe and would like to connect with him, so Mary and Joe agree to meet via They then can choose between “my treat,” “your treat,” or “50/50 lunch deal” – whichever one suits their situation. Time to meet, and eat!

What’s Next for GetLunched?

The site is currently only available in London but since it has already attracted over 500 users, a U.S. launch is in the near future. With a growing interest in the site, it seems like GetLunched knows what their audience wants – a user friendly, social networking site that will soon enough have a mobile app so they can find each other for luncheons on the go!

Tell us: Will you be testing out this new social networking site when it comes to the U.S.? Let us know what you think about GetLunched!


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