Are you ready for a new way to store and share your files? You’re in luck, because Google Drive is here!

Google Drive is the much-anticipated service that Google has always wanted to incorporate into its ever-popular Android OS. Personal Google Drive storage is easy to use and super efficient with its personally manageable storage accounts.

First of all, you should know that Google Drive for Android is not entirely new. Truly, it’s the old Google Docs application with a few tweaks and improvements to provide ease of use for Android devices.

Google Drive allows you to use a phone, tablet, or other Android device to browse your files over the cloud. You can edit your Google Docs files directly from the app itself, download files to your phone, select individual files to synchronize, and you even have the option to make a file available offline.

Google Drive

Google Drive Key Features Discussed

  • Access Your Files Anywhere: Just like Google Docs, whether you are using a Mac, PC, or mobile device, there is a single place to store all of your files, allowing access from anywhere. No matter what the file type is, Google Drive can store it and provide an efficient access point.
  • Bring Your Files to Life: Google Drive gives you the ability to share entire folders or single documents with anyone you grant access. These can be your employees, co-workers, or personal friends; it’s entirely up to you! No matter the situation, Google Drive makes sharing files effortless.
  • Buy Your Storage: Although users are given 5 GB of free storage to start, if more storage is needed, users can pay for up to 16 TB of storage starting at $4/month.
  • Enjoy Security: Google Drive allows you to be worry-free with your files because with a built-in disaster recovery, sharing controls, and data encryption, your files will always be safe.

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Now that you’ve educated yourself on Google Drive, we want to know what you think! Leave us a comment answering this: Which Google Drive features you are most, or least, looking forward to?



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