First and foremost, lets define what customer loyalty actually is.  According to Business Broadway Editor, Bob Hays, “Customer loyalty is the degree to which customers experience positive feelings for and exhibit positive behaviors toward a company/brand.”

Sounds simple enough, right?  Now consider how many brands are out there that are competing for your customer loyalty.

For the amateur consumer, customer loyalty may be an easy choice.  Who has the best product, with the lowest prices, and is easily accessible?  All extra conveniences are just perks.  Well, for brands seeking informed consumers, these “perks” are essential.

Brands are encouraged to go above and beyond for their consumers, without any guarantee of brand loyalty.  The ultimate goal, however, is for customers to continue consuming, all while spreading the word to their family, friends, co-workers, and now more than ever, their social media connections.

One of the brands I am proud to show customer loyalty to is Birchbox.  Not only have I always received great quality products from them, but also wonderful customer service and recognition, along with many other “perks.”  Their exceptional customer service and attention to detail is what keeps me going back to their site to purchase products, and even promote and engage with them via social media.

So if you’re looking to help your brand stand out, and really want to boost your customer loyalty, here are a few tricks to learn from Birchbox.

Techniques to increase customer loyalty:

  1. Thank customers for their business. No matter how small or large their purchase may be, they deserve to be thanked for their contribution to your brand. Depending on the value of the product, some may warrant a hand-written thank you note, or a pre-printed appreciation note. Each and every month that I repurchase a Birchbox gift, I receive a thank you note via email and a card from them. That small gesture goes a long way in my book.
  2. Give customers more than they expect. Anticipate a need and fill it – exceed expectations of the norm.
  3. Listen to them. Take the time to listen to what customers are saying about your brand or products. If they don’t volunteer information – ask them for it. Every month Birchbox sends out an email inquiring about your latest purchases and your opinion on them. Would you buy them again? Were they what you expected? Do you want to continue to receive products of the same nature and/or from the same maker?
  4. Share information. Some instructions and guidelines may be warranted for your products. Customers appreciate the help without having to call your customer service. It tells them about your products the way that you want them to be understood. Birchbox sends an information card with every gift, spotlighting items provided in the gift box. It helps customers to know how to use their products the proper way to achieve the best results.
  5. Give referrals. Engage with your customers by referring them to more of your products that you think they may like. It’s nice to show them you remember their purchases and you want to guide them with future purchases.
  6. Have fun doing it! Enjoy your customers and the interaction you have with them. Make their experience with you feel above and beyond. Each and every month I am excited to receive my Birchbox in the mail because it’s informative, packaged nicely, and it’s always a new experience. I always look forward to posting my purchase on Instagram and recommending new products.

So tell us, what are a few brands that you show customer loyalty to? What do they do that makes them stand out against competitors?


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