The key to a successful marketing campaign is communication. Integrated marketing is a conversation between company and customer, where proper branding speaks clearly about a product’s worth.

Like so many other aspects of marketing, communications skills between people in your office float all the way to the top of your company’s projects. That is to say that practicing effective communication with people in your office will improve the quality of your work’s message.

We’ve put together this list of ways to communicate clearly based on what has worked for our integrated marketing agency so you can be sure nothing is lost in translation.

Pay attention to your body language.

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we respond to and transmit unspoken signals with our bodies every time we speak. Be sure to maintain eye contact. It seems obvious, but we tend to look into others’ eyes only when we’re the ones talking.

Process what your coworker is saying; don’t just wait for your turn to talk. Keep your arms open, as well. Crossed arms subconsciously suggest impassiveness, an innate lack of listening.

Be direct.

Again, it sounds simpler than it proves to be. We have a tendency to gloss over, or complicate, the details of things we don’t understand, or of things that expose our shortcomings. Speak directly to both, and admit if you don’t understand something. Your boss or coworker will respect your honesty.

Conversation need not be an enigmatic affair. Don’t expect coworkers to sift through your language and decipher the meaning; present it openly. It’s okay to humble yourself. We’re human. Our flaws can make our work unique if we address them properly.

Stop trying to prove that you’re right.

Life is amorphous. Our personalities and the personalities of those around us are in a constant state of flux, and opinions change with them, organically. If you are trying to assert a point, do so and move on. The person you are talking to will know what you are trying to say quickly, so there’s no point in constructing complex analogies to shuffle through if they all correspond to the same core truth.

You will not change someone else’s opinion any more than they will change yours, so engaging in a protracted debate will get you nowhere. Instead, synergize your viewpoints. The hybrid will be something neither of you could have conceived alone, and you can then move forward with it.

These tips all have the same bedrock concern: remove the code from conversation. Let your message have its moment, ensure that your meaning has gotten across, and move forward. Think about how much time you’ve saved!

Talking does not necessarily imply dialogue. Listen, and you will be listened to. Together, you and your coworkers can construct. When that happens, your company will construct in tandem.

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