Every year, we tech folk wait for the biggest tradeshow of our industry: CES.

With the show being kicked off with a few press events including CES Unveiled, PepCom, and announcements from big brands, we compiled some of the most talked about moments so far.

Most Talked About Moments of CES Unveiled and Beyond

Let’s start with the International CES 2015 ice sculpture that received quite a bit of attention from Twitter users, especially those who took advantage of the free food at CES Unveiled. Hey, CES can be a tough week so you have to refuel when you can.

In terms of gadgets one of the most talked about on Twitter during CES Unveiled was the headset Melomind. Created by myBrain, Melomind uses brain waves, music and meditation to help the wearer mellow out. As CNET editor, Anthony Domanico said, “The accompanying music was pretty relaxing and, for a brief moment at least, it helped me forget the thousands of people crowded around me.” I would imagine drowning out thousands of people at CES would be quite a task. Bravo, Melomind!

Any brand will tell you that it is difficult to cut through the noise of CES announcements. Toyota did a great job of teasing their press conference where they unveiled that they’re opening fuel cell patents on their Hydrogen car. Although people have claimed to not be impressed by the aesthetics of the car, it worked in Toyota’s favor because every conference attendee was quick to share their opinion which only helped the news go viral.

In keeping with the trend of auto tech, BMW unveiled their self-parking anti-collision car. After giving press the opportunity to test out to new tech, The Verge’s Chris Ziegler said “You can tell it’s designed to be super careful.” This new automotive tech not only offers self parking and anti-collision, but many more features to enhance driver and passenger experience.

Of course it wouldn’t be CES without drones. According to USA Today, “The same technology that’s advanced smartphones- small chips and sensors- has come to drones, making them smaller, cheaper and easier to make.” Drones are not limited to the tech world, it’s a worldwide controversial topic and 2015 is likely to be a big year for them.

Some more interesting tech that’s gaining a bit of coverage is Parrot’s latest plant sensor, two new Bluetooth Smart Devices: the H20 and the Pot. The H2O is essentially a new and improved version of last year’s Flower Power with more accurate monitoring and new watering capability. A true testament to the idea that technology has to make sense and solve a problem that already exists for your target consumers. Now you don’t need to worry about having a green thumb or finding someone to water your plants whilst you’re on vacation!

And last, but certainly not least, the most diverse news online surrounding CES is related to wearable tech. With an array of brands creating wearable devices, users have ample options based on features, style and of course, price.

Every reporter is on a mission to try the devices themselves, resulting in many different opinions on technology and style.

What are you looking forward to this week at CES? Tell us in the comments below! Also, keep checking in on our blog for more CES highlights this week or connect with us on Twitter.

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