Cast Study Spotlight: Twinkly

With a diverse range of clients in the housewares and consumer technology industries, the lotus823 team has developed a variety of strategic marketing plans and integrated approaches. Read on to learn how  lotus823 utilized a combination of Amazon marketing and advertisements, keyword research, and email marketing to increase Twinkly’s brand visibility and ROI.


Twinkly is a line of Smart Decor created by the Italian startup, Ledworks, which works to bring digital innovation to the world of consumer and professional lighting. The brand provides a product suite of lighting and innovative features that can be controlled via a smartphone app, offering unlimited customizable combinations of LED colors and patterns. 


In May of 2018, Twinkly began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with managing their marketing efforts in their entirety. Twinkly sought assistance from lotus823 to establish a brand presence and generate sales on Amazon ahead of the holiday season. To meet Twinkly’s goals, the lotus823 team focused on Amazon efforts by creating and optimizing the brand’s Amazon account. In addition, lotus823 deployed keyword research efforts, created product pages and descriptions, and applied for Amazon’s brand registry. 



Lotus823 developed a seven-month strategy to ensure a successful Amazon launch and maintain consistent account optimization. Kick-starting the strategy, lotus823 spent weeks prepping inventory internally to ensure product availability of Twinkly’s LED Strings, Wall, and Curtain products to launch on Amazon in August of 2018. Next, the team began an email workflow that was designed to contact every purchasing customer after checkout, delivery, and one-week post-delivery. The emails prompted the customers to leave a product review, which would in turn entice other consumer purchases. This has proven to be a very effective strategy for brands that are just starting out on Amazon. 

In September of 2018, lotus823 launched Twinkly’s Amazon ads, creating sponsored posts for Twinkly’s LED Strings and Wall lights to increase brand visibility. At the same time, Twinkly’s entire product range was entered into the Amazon review program to garner reviews, which would improve their Amazon page health. The team also applied for Amazon’s Best Deals program for Twinkly’s LED Strings and Wall lights which would feature sale products on the most highly trafficked page on the platform. lotus823 found this opportunity to increase brand awareness and potential sales while Twinkly’s products were discounted. 

Case Study Spotlight: Twinkly

Lastly, lotus823 continued momentum to increase their visibility on Amazon by creating product detail pages for Twinkly’s Pre-Lit Trees. The team monitored ad performance and ensured low cost-per-click during this process, developing weekly content to promote the brand on Amazon Spark, a discovery shopping feature for consumers (now discontinued on the platform). lotus823 confirmed all Twinkly product pages followed Amazon’s best practices for optimal results. 


Within the seven-month span, lotus823 delivered measurable results for Twinkly, spearheading all marketing efforts and building Twinkly’s Amazon presence from the ground up. Twinkly’s Strings and Wall products saw a major increase in visibility, specifically on their 20% off deal, made possible through the Amazon Best Deals program. Through this partnership, Twinkly made over $170,000 in sales, with over 1,126 units sold. Twinkly also maintained an average advertising ROI of 647.91%, with the highest ROI seen in December, at 1,075% – all the while, Twinkly achieved an ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) of less than 13%. 

Case Study Spotlight: Twinkly

As a result of our partnership with Twinkly, we were able to meet Twinkly’s marketing goals of increasing brand exposure and overall awareness of Twinkly’s Amazon presence. The lotus823 team drove a major increase in sales during the campaign while ensuring that the Twinkly Account was consistently optimized and remained credible. 

To learn more about our marketing strategy and how we drove results for Twinkly, view our full case study

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