August Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Facebook Adds Instagram Scheduling to Creator Studio

Scheduling posts on Instagram has always been time consuming for digital marketers. And even though Instagram updated its Graph API last year, there’s been no easy way for marketers to schedule their posts. This month, though, Facebook introduced an answer to this problem. The new option, located on the Facebook Creator Studio app, allows users to view how their post will appear and add captions and locations before setting a publishing date. As of now, this option is only available to business accounts on Instagram, and there is still no feature to schedule stories.

LinkedIn Launches Audience Engagement Insights with Addition of 5 New Marketing Partners

LinkedIn, the leading professional platform, has just made it easier for brands to gain insight into audience engagement, with a new category called Audience Engagement Insights. Integrating third-party analytics platforms from Amobee, Anaalect, Hootsuite, Ogiyly, and Sprinklr with the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API, marketers will now be able to view how their content is received and which strategy works best for them on these platforms. For now, access to API is limited to these third-party analytics platforms only, but that could change in the near future.

Snapchat Launches New, Streamlined Ad Creation Process 

Thanks to platforms like Instagram and Twitter, many brands and advertisers have been hesitant to shift their advertising to Snapchat. This month, Snapchat introduced Instant Create, which aims to simplify the platform’s advertising process. The new update allows advertisers to easily create ads; first, advertisers will add a goal, like increased website visits, then design the ad using Snap’s various templates, and then enter important demographics before publishing. As Snapchat continues to introduce new updates, like its revamped Android App this latest update aims to simplify and enhance ads for both advertisers and brands.

Twitter Launches 6-Second Video Ad Bidding, Providing New Options for Video Marketers

Brands have continued to turn to social media platforms, like Twitter, to advertise. Twitter’s new update introduced this month changes how advertisers will be charged; an advertisement viewed longer than six seconds is now the standard. A study done by EyeSee, found that 3 seconds is the average for video ad response, so this new standard fits perfectly. Plus, advertisers will still be able to easily reach their target audience.

Industry News

‘A Slippery Slope’: Amazon Wants to Control Third-party Sellers’ Product Pricing

August Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Amazon continues to be the leading e-commerce website for all sellers and with continuous changes to improve seller and buyer experiences, the platform has announced its newest update – Sold by Amazon (SBA). SBA is available to brands that are already registered in Fulfilled by Amazon and will allow Amazon’s algorithm to price the brand’s products at no additional cost. While this update automatically keeps up with the pricing of competition and ensures the lowest selling price, it might not be beneficial for all businesses, especially in the long-run. Amazon has provided a minimum gross proceed, but there is no guarantee that this price will stay the same. In addition, as businesses continue to grow, Amazon will begin to charge brands more and more. This new option can be beneficial in the short-run growth of your company, but could get costly in the long-run.

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