A Deeper Dive: Types of Amazon Ads Explained

How did we ever live without Amazon? It’s a crazy notion to consider how different our shopping habits were 10 years ago when compared to those of today. Now you can order items to arrive on your doorstep in 2-days delivery time through a simple phrase like, “Alexa, order laundry detergent!”

Because Amazon has completely changed the way in which its 300 million users shop, it’s not surprising that there are unique methods of marketing for Amazon. In fact, sellers and vendors have several advertising approaches at their disposal when marketing their products to potential buyers.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads reach Amazon customers as they research and discover products. These ads help promote item listings by grouping products with similar items that potential customers are already looking at. This is why it sometimes seems like Amazon is reading your mind through its suggested brands or products as you browse!

Sponsored ads search through results pages and relevant product pages. From there, consumers are directed to product detail pages or a store through selection of the products to be advertised, setting a budget, and choosing a combination of keywords, products, and/or product categories to target. Amazon breaks Sponsored Ads into Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored Products reach customers who have a high purchasing intent. These products are located within search results and promote individual products in a native appearance familiar to Amazon. When clicked, Sponsored Product advertisements will direct shoppers to the product detail page.

Sponsored Brands can be seen at the top placements above the search results as well as within the search results. These advertisements feature a custom headline logo along with a set of products and can direct to an Amazon store, product listing page, or product detail page.

Display Ads

To maximize visibility in the final decisions that a customer is making about a product, Display ads can aid in cross-selling or upselling by featuring other products within your category. Display ads can be located in multiple places and allow advertisers to alert shoppers that your brand offers an alternative.

Advertisers can tailor their own creative solutions to meet their advertising and selling objectives and display ads can be seen on Amazon sites, apps, devices, and third-party sites. These campaigns can be managed personally through the Amazon DSP console or through working with Amazon’s team of experts.

Video Ads

In order to make deeper connections throughout the buying journey, Video ads on Amazon can help reach consumers through brand messaging on various Amazon properties like IMDb, devices like Fire TV, and across the web. Amazon Video ads can create customer connections by sharing your unique brand message with relevant customers where they are most likely to watch content.

Custom Ads

If budget is no object, Custom ads might be the right solution for you! These are custom ads designed in-house by Amazon. While this is a high-cost option, these enhanced media campaigns featuring custom solutions allow brands and products to reach shoppers in an unconventional way.

Benefits of Advertising on Amazon

While there are many varieties of advertisements to consider when creating an all-encompassing Amazon marketing plan, there are several benefits that Amazon offers advertisers that shouldn’t go unnoticed:

  • Pay only for Performance: You will not be charged until a consumer clicks on your ad!
  • Help Along the Way: Amazon will suggest keywords or aid in targeting products similar to yours.
  • Use Competition for Ads: When brainstorming keywords for ads, you have the ability to target competing companies and use those insights to bring shoppers over to buy from your “less known” brand.
  • Optimized Insights:Amazon provides detailed reporting regardless of the type of ad campaign you are running. You can monitor ad performance throughout a campaign and make adjustments to optimize results by changing keywords or adjusting bids as needed.

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