In July 2017, Amazon launched Amazon Spark, a product discovery feed that works as an in-app social media platform. Spark is somewhat exclusive, with capabilities only available to Prime members currently (although non-Prime members can view the feed), and has been slow to make its way to the limelight.

But now, months after the launch, more and more brands are starting to hear about Spark and are asking, “How can I use this to my advantage?”

Below is everything you need to know about the emerging social feed.

Amazon Spark: The Basics

Amazon SparkA social feature within the Amazon App for iOS and Android (version 14.2.1 or higher), Amazon Spark is meant to be a product discovery tool for users, where shoppers can both share inspiration and be inspired, connect with other users for product feedback, and shop, all in one personalized feed.

When you first sign up, you will enter a list of interests ranging from travel, to cooking, to reading, and beyond. Your interests are then used to populate a customized feed of posts that range from engaging, such as product polls, to inspirational.  

What sets this feed apart from other social networks, though, is that all products that enter your feed are shoppable, right there in the Amazon app. So, if anything inspires you enough to own it, you can get it – and likely within just two days – without ever leaving the app.

On the other end of that spectrum, if you are deciding between two similar items, you can post them on your own feed as a poll, ask your questions, and get answers from like-minded shoppers.


Get there: Amazon App->Menu->Programs and Features->See All Programs->Amazon Spark

Amazon is smart by bringing an engagement platform in-app, instead of letting all engagement that goes on around products happen elsewhere. It is simple. It is convenient. And it is obvious that Amazon headed this way for a reason: it will engage more people, have them spend more time in the app, and encourage higher sales.

With higher sales being the key word here, how can brands get in on this action?

Branded Pages on Amazon Spark

You may have heard rumors that brands are not eligible to participate in Amazon Spark. However, that is not the case. We’ve seen brand pages be very active in Spark, so there is nothing holding your brand back from participating.

The rules are:

You may post content other than Customer Reviews and Questions and Answers regarding products or services for which you have a financial or close personal connection to the brand, seller, author, or artist, but only if you clearly and conspicuously disclose the connection (e.g., “I was paid for this post.”). However, no brand or business may participate in the Community in a way (including by advertising, special offers, or any other “call to action”) that diverts Amazon customers to another non-Amazon website, service, application, or channel for the purpose of conducting marketing or sales transactions. Content posted through brand, seller, author, or artist accounts regarding their own products or services does not require additional labeling.

So, what are you waiting for? Amazon Spark is a social media channel that you cannot afford to be missing out on. Start engaging today and get in on the action early!

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