As my colleague and good friend Katie mentioned in a recent blog, social media plays a vital role in impactful marketing campaigns. If you’re just starting out on the social front, have no fear! We’ve rounded up our top five tips for seamlessly integrating social media into your very own marketing campaign:

Know Your AudienceSocial Media Integration

This goes without saying- before drafting content, connecting with influencers, or even selecting a profile picture for your page, it’s essential that you identify your target audience as this will influence your voice on social media.

The best ways to hone in on your audience are to research competitors’ pages and connections, search relevant groups on social media, and anticipate your ideal customer’s needs and interests.

Create Captivating Content

Once you have identified your campaign’s voice, you can get cracking on drafting social media content for all of your channels. This is the fun part! You can be as creative as you want while keeping your audience in mind.

In addition to promoting a specific product or service that your campaign focuses on, you can also share information and news that you think would interest your audience. By branding your social channels as a resource for people in your targeted industry, you will establish quality connections that will serve your campaign.

Be in the Right Place at the Right TimeSocial Media Timing

You know that old saying, “timing is everything”? Well, it is and it certainly applies to the realm of social media. One of the most basic and rewarding aspects of running a social campaign is to nail down the timing that works for you and your audience. After spending an extended amount of time posting content, you can evaluate which times yield the most engagement on your posts and utilize that data when scheduling future posts.

Show Consistency

If social media is just one piece of your overarching campaign strategy, remember to be consistent with your messaging in both your public relations and social media efforts.

Promote all media coverage and company news on your social channels. Promote all of your social media channels on marketing materials.

Optimize Your Profiles

Profile optimization can be as simple as including a visible link to your website on all social channels. Optimization also means ensuring that your formatting and imagery are consistent throughout all platforms. Including clear calls to action in your content will further enhance your optimization efforts.

All of these initiatives can help drive your followers to do exactly what you want them to!

So, whether you’re a first timer or a social media veteran, remember to keep it captivating, consistent and clear!


Do you have any tips for social media success? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @lotus823!


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