In today’s world, consumer products have quickly become smart, digital, or cloud-based. The Internet’s shift to a global marketplace has made gaining traction for growing tech brands harder than ever before. There are, of course, tried and true marketing tactics for consumer electronics products, including experiential marketing and attending the world’s largest consumer electronics show, CES. But how can tech brands grab the attention of their target audience in day-to-day marketing communications?

Here are four proven marketing tips for consumer electronics brands looking to stand out:

1. Understand Your Audience

The best way to make your audience feel welcome on your website or social channels it to tailor your content to what interests them. How do you do that? Simply put, it’s about getting to know them! Without a deep understanding of your target customer and how they think, your marketing efforts may fall on deaf ears.

Let’s take a look at D-EYE, a portable ophthalmoscope for iPhone and Android devices. This innovative device knew exactly who it was made for—eye doctors. So, as a result, D-EYE’s marketing strategy included white papers, interviews and case studies all focused on eye health. Their online newsroom is filled with interesting insights from industry experts who have used and love D-EYE, describing how it has changed their workflow, while still elaborating on different advances in eye health. This keeps ophthalmologists reading and keeps D-EYE top of mind when they think about their iPhone in the workplace.

2. Be You

One of the keys to brand recognition is originality. Just like people, every brand is different. Every brand is led by individuals with unique personalities and a precise vision for the company. Don’t let this individuality get lost in your marketing efforts.

One of our most beloved clients, Monmouth County’s Broad Street Dough Co, is a great example of this tactic. While the brand is not in the tech industry, its originality shines through in every piece of content it publishes. The quirky, creative and unique nature of Broad Street Dough Co’s Instagram posts has perfectly captured the fun-loving spirit of its founder, Desdemona Dalia. From cereal-based donut concoctions to Pokemon-themed edibles, Broad Street Dough Co’s overwhelmingly original content strategy has created a sense of excitement in its audience, which on Instagram recently reached over 50,000 followers!

3. Capitalize on Social Media

Famed entrepreneur and digital marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk, has become known for stating that social media is simply a slag term for the current state of the Internet. Social media is not to be ignored, especially by new tech brands looking to make a splash in a saturated industry of gadgets. One of our most notable clients in the tech space, Audio-Technica USA, has taken its social media to the next level since partnering with lotus823 in 2013. So much so, that our team has landed numerous awards in relation to our efforts with the pro audio brand. With a Facebook following of over 110,000 people, Audio-Technica regularly engages with its users, providing content they’ll enjoy, such as pop culture phenomena, like their take on Jimmy Fallon’s Whisper Challenge or a nod to the recent Star Wars movie release, and seasonal content that cross promotes their product offering. By being present on numerous networks and sharing content that will engage users, Audio-Technica has hit the nail on the head when it comes to capitalizing on social media in the consumer electronics space. 

4. Be Available / Stay In Touch

Hand-in-hand with our social media tip is our advice to stay in touch with your audience. Even the very best social media or blogging strategy will fail without consistency. Users want to communicate with your brand directly and without knowing how to reach you, they could become discouraged or even turned off to your products if something malfunctions and they can’t reach you. Customer service was extremely crucial in building traction for Maverick Housewares, a home appliance brand focusing on wireless food thermometers. Through consistent responsiveness and effective troubleshoot tips on numerous channels, including their social media profiles, their website’s support page and any negative product reviews on Amazon, Maverick was able to slowly but surely develop a reputation for standing by their products and guaranteeing a positive customer service experience. After only six months of executing their reputation management strategy, Maverick’s social channels quickly became flooded with users reaching out with product questions and even customer service praise! The key here is that users knew they could communicate with Maverick after they consistently showed up and made themselves available. This creates trust with potential and existing customers, helping your gadgets rise above the competition in their minds.

The power of technology is changing and growing by the minute. Getting into this exciting industry can be extremely rewarding, inviting and satisfying. In order to ensure your tech product isn’t a flop, however, it is important to hit the ground running with a powerful, integrated marketing strategy that incorporates the above four tips, creating excitement, awareness and a strong bond with your target audience.

What have been some of your favorite marketing campaigns amongst major tech brands? We’d love to hear in the comments below!


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