Because bacon makes everything better

I would be happy to attempt to inform you, with a naïve zest, that we’re foodies here at lotus823, but if you happen to follow our blog, I’m certain you’ve figured it out.

We love food.

In fact, if I had to choose to name only two of my greatest passions, they’d be food and what I do. Thus, if there’s any way I can find correlations between the two, I’m all about it. Here goes a tribute to two great loves: bacon and content marketing, inspiration courtesy of PR Daily.

3 Ways Bacon is like Content Marketing

As I discussed in The Honey Mustard Connoisseur Chronicles: Why Honey Mustard is like a Successful Social Media Presence, the quest for the ideal condiment can sometimes be challenging. However, the great thing about one of my favorite foods is that it is pretty much always great. Bacon is pretty fantastic.

1. Bacon is nostalgic.Bacon can evoke emotions of a fuzzy, golden heyday of our past. The aroma might bring back memories of newspapers crinkling and bacon frying on the stove. Your content can take your audience on a trip down memory lane, too. Remind them of a piece of pop culture and relate it to something current. A marriage of interesting and useful content is a winning combination. Nostalgia is a fantastic way to connect with your audience on an emotional level.”

2. Bacon inspires.Bacon inspires people with new, creative ideas…your content should follow a similar philosophy. Creating remarkable content your audience finds inspiring will empower them to repurpose your original idea and a link back to the source.”

3. Bacon makes everything better. “Have a problem with a boring, or less-than-flattering marketing message? Just as bacon can make even a water chestnut taste delicious, a good piece of content can makeover any lackluster integrated marketing campaign. Push the boundaries of your content, try new things, and see how far you can push your core message outside of your initial reach.”

“Take a cue from bacon when you think about your next piece of content. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries beyond what’s traditional. You will soon discover new ways to surprise, delight and inspire your audience. Isn’t that the key to killer content in the first place?”

How else can bacon inspire your social media content or blog? Leave us a comment below and let us know what bacon teaches you.


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