Let’s face it, we all get stressed at work but some of us just handle it better than others.

At lotus823, we are all perfectionists so we often bring stress on ourselves when managing our PR campaigns. However, we always know how to add a little fun to our workday and keep our stress levels to a minimum. Below are some of our tips for relieving stress at a busy public relations agency:

1. Find ways to laugh at yourself.

We are constantly consuming content at lotus823, both from traditional and digital publications. We have brainstorms at least once a week, if not more, and we all have a little researcher in us. In scanning the web for new ideas, we have come across some entertaining websites and images that we like to share with the team. For the PR team in particular, we have had many laughs with some of our favorite blogs:

While these sites poke fun at the job of a PR professional, they have also served as a tool to bring the PR team closer together. We can all commiserate over these common occurrences and it always helps us take a step back from the daily stresses of our job.

2. Snacks can fix any problem.

As a group of marketing savages, we spend more time together than we do with our families and friends. This has allowed us to become very close and learn about one another’s likes and dislikes. I know Craig loves pizza, anytime, any day. Heather loves Biscoff spread, Christine can eat a whole jar of Nutella by herself and Katie cannot survive without Diet Coke. To appease us all, Allison and David always make sure our fridge, freezer, and cabinets are stocked with our favorite snacks, treats, and beverages.

Whenever one of us is stressed, we know we can just walk into the kitchen and find a wonderful reason to take a break. This helps us recharge our batteries so we can go back to our desks as a more refreshed person. Our lotus823 Instagram is often dedicated to all the food that makes its way into the office!

3. Change up your standard work routine.

Sitting at your desk for extended periods of time is hard on your back and shoulders. It’s also sometimes dull to just sit around a conference table when trying to think of an exciting new campaign or blog topic. Lucky for us at lotus823, we have the cocoa puffs to veg out on. These large, soft cushions can fit many people and often serve as a meeting place for our office.

We also have a great atrium area where we took our office pictures!

Sometimes just meeting in a different place can inspire you to think of new ideas and bring a different type of energy to the group.

Do you have any tips for relaxing at work? We’d love to hear how you de-stress!


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