WHAT: “Radio by the people.”

WHAT Makes It Different: Unlike most social communities, Anchor FM is ALL about audio. It allows users to record and share up to two minutes of audio with anyone who follows their stream. It does not, however, allow photos or videos. It’s as if Vine started to podcast.

WHAT Is The Value: Anchor is like a two-way radio. Traditional music programs and podcasts do not allow for direct feedback or interaction. It’s also deemed the first truly public radio as it’s one all can participate in. Once you post your two minutes of audio, users can engage by commenting in return with audio as well.

WHAT Are The Negatives: When you sign up for the app, it will ask you right away to record a short audio bio for your profile, so don’t try to set up the app while riding the subway. Also, those two minutes can pass quickly, so write down a few talking points before you start recording so that you make the most of your time. If you make a fumble, you must start over.

WHAT Is To Come: Anchor is a faster way to report news and advice, or for hosting valuable interactions in an unprecedented format.

WHAT To Do Next: Kick off your own Anchor profile! We like to follow social guru Gary Vaynerchuk, a big champion of the app, and the social reporting tool Buffer. Don’t forget to look for established radio giants like NPR who are of course most comfortable with this type of medium. Don’t fret if you can’t find influencers quickly—similar to Vine, Anchor will show you what’s trending so you can scope out the hottest talkers.[bctt tweet=”Anchor is radio by the people, modernized into two-minute sound bites.” username=”lotus823″]

What do you see on the horizon for Anchor? Share in the comments below!
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