One of the biggest days on the startup calendar is April 24, 2014. That’s because it’s NY TechDay 2014! Here’s a look at the NY TechDay experience from last year:

NY TechDay 2013 from The Startup Companies Inc. on Vimeo.

What to Expect This Year

NY TechDay 2014 will have over 400 exhibitors from a variety of categories.  Here are just some of the startups that we’re looking out for during the event:


1. Restaurant and bar tab payment app Dash
2. Crowdfunding social platform CrowdSifter
3. Employee expense management system PEX Card


1. 3D printing company Solidoodle
2. Child communication app Toymail, allowing friends and family to message kids using their toys
3. AI technology PreciBake, helping customers to produce custom baking goods with reproducible quality (we love dessert at lotus823)


1. Touchscreen glove maker
2. Social commerce catalog Stylinity, fusing social media with the fashion buying experience
3. Imagery approval app LastLook

Health & Fitness

1. Find Your Trainer, designed to be the OpenTable of personal training
2. Social dieting platform DietBetter
3. Mobile app Phamily, connecting physicians with their patients


1. Enterprise social network Honey
2. Content streaming company Shodogg, connecting digital content between devices and screens
3. Mobile app creator Worry Free Labs, specializing in startups

Social Media

1. Mashfeed, combining feeds from several social media platforms into custom feeds
2. Sverve, connecting brands with influencers in their industry
3. CoPromote, connecting similar content creators to each other


1. Content analytics platform Nudge
2. Search engine eZanga, specializing in online advertising and services
3. HD video creation platform Goopi


1. Travel app Smigin
2. Kidz Central Station, designed to be the OpenTable for kids’ classes
3. GoEnnounce, combining LinkedIn and Kickstarter for students.

Music & Media

1. Online video production platform VDOMKR
2. Mobile streaming app Flipps, enabling content to be streamed onto a connected TV
3. Mobile video app CrowdFlik, combining multiple streams to make multi-angle videos


1. Mobile car service app Uber
2. Social shopping platform Cartonomy
3. Ecommerce suite GoECart

Social Impact

1. Hero Network, using social media to connect charities and people with those who can help
2. Decision helping app Feels
3. Peer-to-peer platform Rentah


1. Creativity liberating app Bespoke Atelier
2. Social media notification tool Signal, allowing users to choose topics to be notified about
3. Food delivery service Plated, used by loti Christine Rochelle and Katie Foley

Which loti You Can Meet

Jessica Guida, Manager, Digital Research, Analysis and Strategy

Specialty: Content Marketing

“As a true tech enthusiast, I’m excited to network with the startups that are creating the tech of tomorrow, as well as attendees who share in my enthusiasm for tech innovation in general. Not to mention that seeing all of the latest tech at the event will help spark my creativity as a digital marketer and allow me to see things from a new perspective.”

Christine Rochelle, Integrated Marketing Manager

Specialty: Social Media

“For me, NY TechDay is our chance to see what our own community is capable of in the tech arena. When we go to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there’s innovation at every corner, and I’m excited to get a slice of that right here in NY. We’re all true nerds at heart here at lotus823!”

Nicole Cobuzio, Account Executive

Specialty: Public Relations

“I love seeing how companies market themselves and what they offer. This will be my first tradeshow, so I’m excited to see the atmosphere in person. Working at a startup makes me especially intrigued to see how the tech startups will market their products to investors and the press.”

Craig Capron, Associate Digital Marketing Strategist

Specialty: Digital Marketing

“My two passions are working at lotus823 and technology. I’m looking forward to seeing the innovations that NY TechDay brings this year and meeting with the people behind the technology, so I can learn more about it.”

NY TechDay 2014 will be taking place at Pier 92, which is located at 711 12th Avenue in Manhattan, from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Are you going to NY TechDay 2014? What are you looking forward to the most this year? Let us know in the comments below and we hope to see you at the show!

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