‘Tis the season of giving thanks, spending time with family, and of course the most stressful time of year for brands to unveil their biggest campaigns yet as they try to catch the attention of holiday shoppers.

From Facebook to Instagram and of course Pinterest, thousands of brands big and small are struggling for the top spot on your newsfeed this Thanksgiving. So how are some of them achieving just that year after year? We give you some of our favorite Thanksgiving social media campaigns:


Since 1924 the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been an all-time classic American tradition. What was originally an offline marketing campaign has successfully marched its way right into the social media ring.

Instead of relying solely within the social platform for user engagement, the U.S. chain store has even set up a social hub on their website so fans can consume even more content surrounding the parade from an app download to a live Twitter feed.


While the family watches the parade, those hosting a Thanksgiving feast are going to be thankful for the popular AllRecipes.com.

In 2012 the world’s largest digital recipes resource promoted their “Best Thanksgiving Ever” contest over Pinterest. The big name brand welcomed users to Pin their favorite food, decorations, recipes, traditions, and more while creating a “Best Thanksgiving Ever” board for a chance to win $5,000.

This year’s social media campaign consists of a new pie recipe posted each day until Thanksgiving finally arrives, tagged appropriately with #PieCountdown. Why do these campaigns work? They’re engaging in the social communities that their audience loves the most and they’re keeping calls-to-action simple and easy.


Subway took their Thanksgiving themed campaign to Vine last year by encouraging people to “pregame” before a Thanksgiving dinner with their turkey sandwiches.

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