Have you ever given yourself five minutes to browse the Internet and wound up looking at the clock forty minutes later and wondering where the time went? Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much a routine for me.

Everyday, there’s fresh, engaging content online that we can’t help but share with friends and coworkers. From the informative to the entertaining, we can draw from the success in all of this content we’re consuming. How were these stories crafted? Was it spontaneous? Could it potentially be a targeted strategy? What is it about these viral content stories that we love?

As a digital marketing agency, we strive to be media connoisseurs. Whether it’s through browsing our favorite media outlets and sources or something we discovered on social media, we’re always coming across engaging content that could give us ideas for viral marketing campaigns for our clients. Here’s what we think brands can learn from some of the most recent viral content that has hit the interwebs:

5 Tips for Creating Exciting Content:

1. Get Creative!

We are consuming so much at such a rapid pace that mediocrity is the quickest way to get lost in the shuffle. Consumers want something with a WOW factor to be worthy of passing along to others. Think outside the box and try something that hasn’t been done before.

2. Invoke Emotion.

We as human beings enjoy the rawness of true emotion. We want our content to make us laugh, cry, think, inspire and much, much more. Starting your day with a thought-provoking video can make all the difference in your attitude and can even spark some inspiration in your work for the day. If it really has an emotional impact on us, we are more likely to share it with others.

3. Keep In Mind What’s Trending.

Right now, March Madness is trending like rapid-fire. Sports fans and sports news outlets are not the only ones jumping on the college basketball frenzy either. Brands like Burger King are also creating their own spin offs of March Madness. In a recent tweet from Burger King, the brand shared a photo of Satisfries longing for tomorrow’s games. While utilizing the #MarchMadness hashtag, Burger King also created #WatchLikeaKing hashtag. This is a prime example of how a brand completely unrelated to college basketball was able to use a trending topic to maximize their reach across social media platforms in a fun and unique way.

4. Know Your Audience.

Although you should keep in mind what’s trending, more importantly you should know the audience that you are trying to target and the content that best suits them. Using tools such as Facebook Insights, you are able to gauge what your primary demographics are, as well as the content you’ve posted that’s received the most reach and engagement. You’re going to want to consider these variables when creating your content because these are the individuals who will initially be engaging and sharing your content.

5. Be Prepared.

If your content does go viral, be sure that it’s your own original work and you’re fully prepared for any and all feedback. It can be difficult to remember that not all feedback will be positive feedback. As a PR professional, I feel that it is always vital to have a damage control strategy in place. You can never be too prepared for when a situation goes sour. For example, the best way to react to negative feedback is to acknowledge if you offended, apologize and ensure that you will do your best to rectify the situation. Then, make sure you follow through. Always try to respond in a timely manner and be as concise as possible. No matter the feedback, always have a plan of how you will respond. In the end, consumers will respect you for acknowledging your faults and making the situation right.

How do you ensure that your content is creative enough to go viral? Share your tips with us!

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