We’ve all had it before. It’s a sense that we’ve been here before, that we’ve said these things to these people, but we know in our hearts that this moment is entirely new. Déjà vu has struck again, and again. Get it?

Déjà vu can be useful to integrated marketing. Think about how much time we could save if, instead of explaining something, we show you how it’s familiar to you, even though you’ve never seen it before.

This looks familiar, but you’ve probably never seen it before. The object is foreign, but the configuration is familiar. The best thing to do, probably, is scratch it behind the ears.

Now you have an understanding, or do you? In “What Is Déjà Vu?” Art Markman tells us “that feeling of familiarity is quite helpful,” going on to describe that you can navigate a restaurant you’ve never visited because restaurants usually have similar structures, for instance. Say there is an arrangement of objects; we recognize the arrangement but not the objects.

We take action because déjà vu is telling us we know what to do.

How Does This Apply to Marketing?

At lotus823, we speak for our clients, and when we do it properly, the voice is familiar. We work hard to build a rapport with the clientele; our goal is a friendly conversation. A customer has needs, and our clients have tools to enhance the customer’s life. Our job is to tap into that familiarity, but then to show that what we’re offering something entirely new, something life changing. We do it with integrated marketing.

Technology changes our abilities and, with it, our capacity for invention every day, and we make that which is exciting and new friendly and familiar, too. It’s déjà vu.

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