The Best Practices to Build Trust on Social Media

The rise of social media has presented new opportunities and challenges for businesses. Utilizing these platforms to connect with consumers to spread the word about your brand has been known to be very effective. However, 60% of consumers no longer trust social media companies.

Consumers once considered social media platforms to be a reliable source of information. Unfortunately, users have grown to lose trust in many social influencers, particularly upon realizing much of the content was paid for. Facebook has been scrutinized for security and privacy policies. Twitter battled against millions of fake accounts. Overall, 2018 was the year of crisis for trust on social media. Now is the time for brands to take action to restore the trust of their followers. Here are some of the best practices to build trust with consumers through social platforms.


Being open and honest with consumers is critical in earning their trust. Though this is a fear for many brands to overcome, it is impossible to hide secrets in the digital age. Today, it is inherent that people will be talking about the issues associated with your brand. Therefore, it is important for you to be present and guide the conversation. Social platforms allow brands to directly communicate with consumers, quickly and effectively. If something happens, focus on being available to consumers.

Interact with Consumers

Social media users like to know that there are real people behind a brand. Interacting with followers can help strengthen the relationship. A simple like, retweet, or comment can make a positive impact on someone who has an interest in a brand. Taking the time to communicate with your followers demonstrates that you value their “follow” and their business. This can also help you establish loyal brand advocates.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Companies aren’t as focused on reaching as many consumers as possible. The focus has shifted to providing engaging, meaningful content that users will enjoy. One of the most effective ways to get people talking about your brand is through exciting, unique user-generated content. For example, by creating a Snapchat filter or an Instagram contest, people will want to spread the word for you. Initiatives like this enhance the consumer experience and promote your brand in a more organic way.

Be a Thought Leader

Generating sales should never be the sole reason for using social media. These outlets provide you with the opportunity to share your expertise. By sharing your insights on a topic you are passionate about, you will become a go-to source for information. Discussing other important topics that are related to your brand is another way to engage your followers. According to industry standards, 80% of your social content should be informative and non-promotional, while the other 20% can be about your product. This can hopefully strengthen the volume of your followers, as well as increase the likelihood of converting them to a customer. By sharing ideas that followers are interested in, they will become more receptive to promotional posts.

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