The holiday season tends to bring back cheerful memories filled with love and joy. Many of our holiday traditions and favorite moments are brought to mind when we smell something delicious cooking,taste grandma’s fresh pumpkin pie, or hear a festive song. Here at lotus823, we decided to ask the team which holiday song means the most to them. Each member had a special reason or memory behind their chosen song. You can find them below along with a special lotus823 holiday playlist!

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Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer
By Elmo & Patsy

“Years ago my grandma was out Christmas shopping and when sitting in traffic, a deer hit her car. My whole family thought it was hilarious. My cousins and I made a little video reenacting the event and the whole family watched it together. For awhile, my cousins and I made videos to reenact funny family events over the year. It’s a great memory to look back on.”

– Amanda Erdmann
Digital Marketing and Operations Analyst

Feliz Navidad
By Jose Feliciano

“This song always reminds me of my childhood family Christmas gatherings/parties, and my sisters and me singing along at the top of our lungs!”

-David Hernandez
Co-founder & Managing Partner

Up on the Housetop
By Jimmy Buffett

“It reminds me of being young and putting ornaments on the tree, running around the tree like maniacs with my brother!”

-Samantha Lins
Senior Account Manager

The Twelve Pains of Christmas and Christmas Wrapping
By Bob RIvers & The Waitresses

“These definitely bring back memories of singing along in the car with my family on Christmas Eve night; they are two of our all time favorites! Especially the part in “12 Things” where the woman complaining about her in-laws just screams “She’s a witch I hate her!”.”

-Dan Kulp
Vice President

Christmas Wrapping
By The Waitresses

“It is one of my favorites.  I remember singing it in the car on the way home from getting our tree and then marching around the house to it.”

-Heather Hewitt
Senior Account Manager

Merry Christmas Darling
By The Carpenters

“It’s a song about missing family at Christmas time. For over 20 years I lived away from my family and whenever I heard this song at Christmastime it was very emotional.”

-Allison Hernandez
Co-founder & Managing Partner

Feliz Navidad
By Jose Feliciano

“This song reminds of the days that I managed a retail store while in graduate school. During the holidays you hear the same songs over and over again in any given mall retailer. On this particular night, after the store closed, I was getting a ride back to my car from one of the other managers and Feliz Navidad came on the radio. We were both so exhausted that we just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. We did have fun working together and it was great that we could just laugh at anything.”

-Nancy Kohlreiter
Chief Operating Officer

The Christmas Song
By Nat King Cole

“As a kid we would always listen to the Time Life Treasury CD collection on Christmas morning when we were opening our presents that Santa brought. For some reason that specific song brings me back to those memories sitting in the living room of our old house.  Every once in awhile my parents will pull out the home movies from those Christmases and I can hear the song playing in the background and it just makes me so happy!”

-Cait Coyle
Senior Account Manager

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
By Brenda Lee

“One of my first memories as a child was doing a Christmas-themed recital and everyone in my class picked this song to dance to at the show. I still remember practicing the dance over and over in my house singing the lyrics to this song!”

-Olivia Munafo
Assistant Account Executive

By Jessica Simpson

“During college, I was a HUGE Jessica Simpson fan and she released a holiday album specifically sold at 7-Eleven, which at the time did not seem odd to me at all. Of course, I raced to the nearest 7-Eleven, bought the CD (since that was also a thing back then), and played the album on repeat for weeks. Whenever I now hear that song, even if it’s not the Jessica Simpson rendition, I first think how her version is best and second, it brings me back to a fun time in my life where getting that album was one of my top priorities. “

-Beth Gard
Senior Manager, Client Relations & Operations

Christmas Wrapping
By The Waitresses

“My mom and I have a tradition where we get together each Christmas and drive around looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. Whenever “Christmas Wrapping” would come on the radio, we would both burst out in song! I think we both know each word to that song, and every time I hear it during the holiday season, I think of my mom!”

-Melissa Hunt
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Sleigh Ride
By Harry Connick Jr.

“My favorite is “Sleigh Ride,” sung by Harry Connick Jr. When I was four my mom got the album, “When My Heart Finds Christmas,” and every year since we play it when we decorate the tree.”

-MJ Thompson
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Design

The Christmas Song and Hanukkah O Hanukkah
By Nat King Cole and John Higgins

“It’s a tie –  The Christmas Song is all about eating chestnuts in NYC with my family every December when growing up. Loved spending the day walking through the city and listening to this song in particular, in the car with my three siblings. And Hanukkah O Hanukkah is our “go-to” for my kids every year. Having all the presents wrapped in blue, lighting the menorah and everyone complaining about me (and my daughter) singing the song over and over again!”

-Rachel Litner
Chief Strategy Officer

Do You Hear What I Hear
By Carrie Underwood

“I love this song because it reminds me of being younger and taking part in the Nativity play at school.  I especially love the version by Carrie Underwood because she has such an amazing voice.”

-Samantha Barnwell
Assistant Account Executive

We hope you enjoyed reading and have a chance to listen to our custom playlist! Let us know your favorite holiday song in the comments below, and happy holidays!

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