COROS Strategy

To generate awareness and affinity for the Coros brand amongst its target audience of outdoor, biking, and cycling enthusiasts, lotus823 developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included both paid and organic social media content. The start-up company initially launched its first product at CES 2017 prior to establishing a partnership with lotus823. With Q1 already under way, the lotus823 team had to work quickly and creatively to garner the attention of consumers in a highly competitive industry. To do this, lotus823 began by creating consistent messaging and branding across all social media platforms. Then, by using a combination of strategies that encompassed graphic design, content creation, paid social initiatives, and targeted campaigns, a strong voice was formed for Coros, allowing the brand to emerge at the forefront of the fitness space.


During the course of the eight-month partnership with Coros, lotus823 played a vital role in establishing the brand’s presence across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and was able to achieve an increase in following and engagement. Through the integrated approach of paid and organic efforts, lotus823 built a loyal online following in a short period of time that positioned Coros for continued growth and success amongst its target audience.


  • 52% increase in Facebook followers and a 33% increase in Twitter followers
  • Social media ads served at under $0.30 per click
  • Facebook posts have seen upwards of 50 engagements per post, compared to its previous non-existent engagement
  • Each month brought upwards of 12,000 impressions on Twitter

Create your digital marketing strategy!

Create your digital marketing strategy!

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