As we all know, the world of business has quickly moved away from the concept of traditional public relations. Gone are the days where you would simply send a press release partnered with an open bar event. lotus823, at the forefront of such change, created its innovative integrated marketing approach to bring client brands to bloom. But we’re not the only ones out there breaking the traditional mold…

It’s not only public relations and search engine marketing companies that have to adjust to the ever-evolving world of viral promotion, it’s also entrepreneurs that need to get on the bandwagon when looking to endorse new products. So, what’s the perfect hub for announcing fresh-off-the-press product news? If you ask us, it’s!“If it’s new, it’s here first.”™

At lotus823, we are thrilled to announce our agency partnership with! Check out the super cool product launch platform, here:

The folks at believe that all new products and services should be easy to find, discover and share. Thus, they strive to bring you the latest news on innovative brands without the gatekeeping of the complicated mass media all while providing a platform designed to discover and engage new products and services from the moment they are introduced! Sounds pretty fascinating, doesn’t it? is creating the largest searchable database of all things new. Will your product be leading the pack? Show the world what you’ve got by launching your story at, today!

Remember, “The power of unlocking “the new” can quite possibly change the world.”

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