“Art in general (and [Hugh MacLeod’s] signature style of cartoon art in particular) can express ideas, vision, beliefs, stories, culture, mission and purpose faster, better and more deeply than any other method of business communication.” ~ gapingvoid.com

First: Meet Hugh MacLeod, a Cartoonist on a Mission!

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist and the Creative Director of gapingvoid, where art is used to help clients cause real change, both inside and outside the organization.

“Considering how central business is to our lives, I find it odd that more people don’t understand how important art can be to the work environment. So gapingvoid is on a mission to help them understand this better. ~ Hugh MacLeod

I encourage you to watch this video to learn a bit more about Hugh, gapingvoid and gapinvoid’s aforementioned mission:

Second: Look at Some Cartoons!

Recently, Hugh MacLeod and Brian Solis, a digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in new media, teamed up to create a special series of cartoons, which is featured in Brian Solis’ latest book release, What’s the Future of Business (#WTF).

Check out the series here, complete with insights from both Hugh and Brian alongside each cartoon in the presentation:

Loving the cartoons and insights? I knew you would! Want more cartoons in your life on a somewhat daily basis? Get more by signing up for gapingvoid’s Daily Cartoon email—it’s free and exists to make a lot of people happy! Not to mention, people like Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos Inc.) subscribe to it and look forward to receiving it each day. So, do yourself a favor and insert some extra inspiration and humor into your day.

(Integrated Marketing Strategy Tip: Let a cartoon be the inspiration you need for the next creative campaign you put together and run. And don’t forget that just like the written word, art is a form of content too and should be factored into your content marketing strategies.)

Third: Which Cartoons Are You Lovin’?

In a world where the written word can easily get lost in the noise out there, Hugh MacLeod and gapingvoid are reaching business professionals and transforming people’s day-to-day work lives through inspirational cartoon art. I’m confident that out of all the cartoons you’ve seen thus far by Hugh, in the presentation and/or in the video above, or the cartoons that you browse in the gapingvoid cartoon gallery, there will be at least one cartoon that speaks to you in a business or life sense.

With that said, now tell me which cartoon is your favorite and why.

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