The integrated marketing monthly roundup is your source for all lotus823 blog posts from the past month. From public relations to social media and search engine marketing, we’ve got you covered! As we moved away from winter and into the spring, we took you through the many different aspects of social media. Our blog post topics ranged from customer service and marketing techniques to Twitter security and even honey mustard (yes, we’re talking about the condiment)! Get a taste of the past month below.

Infographics For An Integrated Marketing Strategy: Fun February Facts
By: Lisa McDonald
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February is not only the shortest month of the year, but it’s also the last full month of the official winter season.  In celebration of February and all of its interesting traits, we created an infographic just for you:

5 Social Media Tools to Enhance Customer Service
By: lotus823 interns
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Social media has become more than just a place to keep in touch with friends and family.  Businesses have taken advantage of various platforms and used them as tools to enhance customer service. Interested in some of the tools available?  We’ve got them for you, here:

The Honey Mustard Connoisseur Chronicles: Why Honey Mustard is Like a Successful Social Media Presence
By: Heather Hewit
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Don’t let social media cheat you like bad honey mustard. See how Heather Hewit rates success in both, here:

3 Twitter Security Tips to Keep Your Account Secure
By: lotus823 interns
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Twitter is a wonderful place to share an array of information with the public.  You don’t want the public retrieving private information, though.  Take these easy steps to prevent hackers from accessing your personal account:

An Unexpected Lesson At My PR Internship: Search Engine Optimization
By: Erin Cunningham
Follow Erin, during her internship, on Twitter: @lotus823_intern

Interning is an essential part of college today.  See how it has helped our current intern, Erin Cunningham, learn about SEO, here:

We hope our integrated marketing knowledge and tips have helped you. Is there something you want to know more about? Comment on it below or connect with us on the following social media sites: Facebook and Twitter.

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