With the business industry changing regularly, clients are in need of connecting with agencies that are able to adapt to changes and can integrate all available services.

Being an integrated marketer means knowing the importance of using strategies such as public relations, social media, and content marketing are the keys to successfully achieving a client’s ultimate goal.

The Crucial Pieces of Integrated Marketing

  • Public Relations 

The saying that, “Everyone needs a good PR guy…” appears to stand true. The PR industry helps create and build up a company’s image. Portraying the right identity is crucial for any company.

A PR pro is a prime example of someone who understands what it means to integrate multiple industries at once. After all, PR is about crafting the message, presenting the message, then managing the reputation of who the message represents. That is a lot of juggling.

In the digital age, to push your message far it needs to be held up by great content and sent out to the masses in the best way possible. That is where social media and content marketing come in the picture.

  • Social Media

Social media is truly another arm of PR and is how brands are communicating their messages to their target audiences. Making sure your social media content appears credible, proper, and organized is where PR and social skills are needed the most.

Integrating content marketing tactics within social media content is a must. Knowing where to place links in posts, using keywords plus phrases from a business’ site is a strategy that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Content Marketing 

Content marketing professionals understand how to produce content effectively that’s under 140 characters. For example, they’ll know how to organize online content so it matches with keywords and phrases, identify your targeted audiences, and provide real-time reporting on customer engagement.

Content is what pulls together everything that marketers aim to achieve in their messaging, their campaigns, and their brand’s goals. If you’re in PR, you need to understand content marketing so you take advantage of all the avenues your message can be presented to your audience. If you’re in social media, you quickly understand that content marketing keeps your audience engaged and most importantly helps convert readers to be consumers.

In the fast-paced digital world, we can no longer work in silos when working on a brand’s marketing efforts. Instead, integrating our knowledge of PR, social media, and content marketing will only result in a much bigger return for the brand as well as the audience.

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