As the largest online retailer in the United States, Amazon is constantly looking for ways to improve their user experience and entice more consumers to become Prime members. While Amazon’s main focus serves to provide consumers with a convenient shopping experience, the company is working to integrate social media features to increase shopper engagement.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Live and Posts

In 2017, Amazon launched Spark, a feature within the site available exclusively to Prime members. Spark prompted users to select categories of products they were interested in, then they were shown a feed of product images they may consider purchasing. While the feature added a Pinterest/Instagram-like feel to the site, it never “sparked” users’ interest. While Spark  was quietly discontinued by Amazon in 2019, the ecommerce giant has a few other similar ideas up its sleeve. Continue reading to learn more about the social networking features Amazon is developing.

Amazon Posts

While shopping on Amazon, some shoppers may be on the lookout for a specific item to purchase, limiting the brand’s ability to showcase all of their available products. To help combat consumers only buying from brands they usually do, Amazon testing out its Posts feature that is currently in public beta. This feature will allow users to discover new brands and explore all of the products they have to offer by showcasing a feed that you normally see on social media. The stream of Posts will include only photos and will be curated by the seller. In the image below, you can see all of the places your posts may be displayed while browsing.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Live and Posts

One of the best features about Amazon Posts is that it is free for all brands to join! Posts will allow brands to stand out and grab the attention of their target market by sharing branded, product-focused content. Once you grab a shopper’s attention, they can click the photo which will bring them directly to the product page on Amazon, providing users with a seamless shopping experience.

Beyond increasing sales, there are other reasons you should start using the feature now. Posts will help you increase your brand recognition, as well as allow you to show off your brand’s personality! Brands have the freedom to decide how they want their Posts to look and make consumers feel. Posts is an exciting feature for brands who are ready to go above and beyond with their Amazon efforts.

Amazon Live

Another social networking feature Amazon recently introduced is Amazon Live. Launched in 2019, the Amazon Live feature brings shoppers who enjoy the QVC experience, a similar experience while shopping with Amazon. Amazon Live allows Sellers to showcase products by hosting livestreams. Viewers are able to see the product in action, which for many, may be the push they need to purchase. The main premise of the feature is to promote discovery for brands in a user-friendly, interactive way. While tuning in on the livestream, shoppers can chat with each other and share their thoughts on the product. Below the livestream window, shoppers will be shown a panel of any discounts or deals surrounding the product, which will ultimately drive sales.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Live and Posts

Amazon Live is free to use, which can be found on the website or the mobile app.  Shoppers can select brands to follow that they are interested in and they will receive updates on when they will be hosting a livestream.

To improve your customer’s Amazon experience, consider joining Amazon Live and Amazon Posts! These interactive features will help you engage with your consumers, drive sales, and increase brand recognition. Amazon has taken on social networking, and we can’t wait to see the success!

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