March 2nd was Employee Appreciation Day and we felt it was only fitting to center a blog around the holiday! From Friday team lunches to company outings, we share a lot of time together. In all of this time we have created so many memories, so we asked our team what their favorite memory is from being a part of lotus823.

employee appreciation

“A memory I have from lotus823, my very first memory, is when I came in for my interview. Everyone was laughing, blasting Disney music, and (Rachel was) even dancing! I remember feeling like this environment was one I could really vibe with. And the best part is, the first impression I loved so much- the music, dancing, and laughing- is now a daily constant in my life!”
Samantha Lins – Senior Account Manager

“I really love how big of a deal our office makes out of everyone’s birthday. It’s nice to take time out of our hectic work days every so often to celebrate each of us as individuals. I also love the snacks.”
Katie Crocilla – Account Coordinator

company culture

“My favorite memory at lotus823 was celebrating my birthday. From Rachel’s Celine Dion performance to Beth’s delicious dessert and everyone’s kind words in my card, I felt so loved and appreciated. I never thought I would actually want to come to work on my birthday, but this year I was so excited to spend the day here with everyone.”
Samantha Barnwell – Assistant Account Executive

“My favorite memory from being at lotus823 was the secret santa gift exchange! Getting to watch everyone in the office give such thoughtful and insightful gifts brought me so much joy because it demonstrated so clearly how much we all care about each other and how close we all have become. Not to mention Cait gave me the gift of daily hydration with my “Drink Your Water, Olivia” bottle! It was also so much fun to watch everyone’s reaction when I gave Dan his symbolic orange scarf. Gift exchanges are always fun, but they’re even more fun with a tight-knit group of people who enjoy making each other smile!”
Olivia Munafo – Assistant Account Executive

“Some of my fondest memories while working at lotus823 come from our daily lunches. I love how we all get together around the lunch table and catch up on what’s going on in each others’ lives – and you can always count on someone to tell a hilarious story! It really makes the office feel like a community, and allows us all to take a step back from our work to recharge.”
Melissa Hunt – Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

employee appreciation

“Our team lunches have built a lot of great memories for me. Eating lunch with all your co-workers every day really builds strong friendships and makes it easier to work together. Then to have lotus823 buy everyone lunch on Fridays is a great perk and again a great bonding experience for everyone involved. Also, the fact that our office is dog-friendly ALWAYS brightens the mood. Thanks lotus823!”
Amanda Erdmann – Digital Marketing and Operations Analyst

“Having been with lotus823 for five years, there are a number of wonderful memories to choose from – the friendships I have made, the constant support and guidance I receive, the constant puppy kisses, and the exciting opportunities we get to experience. One of my first memories though dates back to the summer I first joined. We were doing group photos for our website and at the time, we worked in an office building with an outdoor atrium. We took most of the photos in this space and it brought us closer together as a team – making silly poses and enjoying the beautiful weather. What stuck with me was my comfort in letting my hair down and being goofy with my colleagues. This first experience gave me insight into what lotus823 was about – the people. I often look back at those photos fondly and remember why I have been with the company for as long as I have. “
Beth Gard – Senior Manager, Client Relations and Operations

“Shocking, but my favorite memory was going to Stumpy’s. It was a lot of fun to relax with everyone outside of work and to try something new. None of us had thrown an ax before, so it was really great to see everyone support each other to get better and have it “stick”. “
MJ Thompson – Senior Digital Marketing & Design Manager

company culture

“My favorite memory is when we threw axes at Stumpy’s Hatchet House! It was the perfect way to blow off some steam from a stressful week and grow closer. We all went home bragging about hitting the bullseye!”
Lindsay Botts – Assistant Marketing Coordinator

“It is hard to believe that it has only been 5 months since I joined the lotus823 family because it feels like I have known these people my entire life.  I am so happy and lucky to be part of a team that isn’t just made up of colleagues, but is made up of friends too. There have been a lot of great moments already but if I had to pick one (or two) I would say the Halloween pot-luck and Christmas PJ day!  I really enjoyed trying the different dishes people prepared at the pot-luck, and eating lunch in a true family-style-fashion. Then the Christmas PJ party was just a fun, comfy, and festive way to spend the last day in the office before the holidays. Of course Jovi (one of our beloved lotus dogs and my own fur-baby) was able to join us for both of these occasions too, which makes them even more special.”
Cait Coyle – Senior Account Manager

company culture

“There are many great moments, but my favorite memory is the holiday party, since I got to meet the extended family and friends of the team here, sing (with karaoke), laugh a LOT and simply unwind with everyone. It was a fun night, shared with a wonderful group of down-to-earth people, near and dear to my heart.”
Rachel Litner – Chief Strategy Officer

“This one is a tough one for me. I feel like everyday at lotus823 is special. I am so fortunate that I get to work with such a great group of talented people, in an open and friendly and fun work environment, it’s hard to pick out just one day that is remarkable.”
Nancy Kohlreiter – Chief Operating Officer

“Although it’s a recent memory, one of my favorites was our team night at Stumpy’s Hatchet Throwing House. It allowed all of us to have fun together in a totally different environment, was a great way for everyone to bond, and reinforced lotus823’s dedication to its employees. We all work very hard, and we have a great time playing hard together as well!”
Dan Kulp – Vice President

We hope you enjoyed reading about our memories as much as  we enjoyed making them! If you have any favorite work memories, please share them below!

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