December 2019 Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Throughout the month of December, we saw multiple updates across social media platforms, as well as some industry changes. Keep reading for the final important updates of 2019!

Social Media

Pinterest Debuts Trends Tool to Help Track Top Searches

Pinterest Trends, the app’s newest update, allows consumers and brands to see the top searches on the platform from the past year. In addition to this update, the platform shared its annual report of upcoming trends that brands should be aware of. Staying up to date with the latest and upcoming trends is important for brands, making this update extremely beneficial for marketing purposes.

Facebook Expands Brand Collabs Manager to Include Instagram Creators

According to Facebook, select Instagram Creators will “now be able to share insights and engagements with brands and find partners that will resonate with their audience.” Since Instagram revealed it will be removing its “like” feature, Brands Collabs Manager gives creators and brands easy access to their analytics. In addition, Facebook shared that it will be regulating and monitoring branded content in an effort to improve overall brand and influencer partnerships.

LinkedIn Adds New Features for Groups to Help Boost Engagement

This month, LinkedIn re-introduced and modified the previously popular LinkedIn Groups. One notable update includes the ability to moderate new posts, so admins can review posts before they go live. Similarly, newly-introduced “invitation settings” stop certain group members from inviting new members to the group. Lastly, the “delete all posts” feature allows admins to delete all posts from certain group members.

Instagram Provides New Age Restriction Options for Businesses and Creator Accounts

This month, Instagram introduced an age restriction option, allowing business and creator accounts to choose and limit who can see their content. Creators can easily set a default age restriction or have a specific one set based on country location. This update can be especially helpful for brands advertising in other countries to ensure they are following each country’s guidelines.

Industry News

Google Ads Will End Social Media Support On January 1

In an attempt to reduce the amount of spam on Google Ads, the platform recently announced it will be removing the customer support feature on Twitter and Facebook. Brands and customers will no longer be able to communicate through direct message, forcing customers to submit an online form.

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