Take a seat, put up your feet – We’re going to make LinkedIn learning nice and sweet.

The business world is all about who you know – so take advantage – tell EVERYONE about your business. With LinkedIn, a networking platform launched by CEO Jeff Weiner, you and your company can be a part of the largest network of professionals on the Internet. Why is LinkedIn awesome for showcasing your company? For reasons such as, featuring your company’s blog posts; having your company’s Tweets streaming live and showcasing all those individuals linked to your company (employees, company followers, etc.).

It all comes down to constructing a page, and then properly using it to optimize success. Let’s get started!

Create, Stimulate, Originate

Begin by heading to the main page to start creating your LinkedIn business page.Create LinkedIn Company Page

  • On the top tool bar, hit Companies
  • Head to the top right – click on Add a Company.
  • Fill out the information, once you’re done, hit continue.
  • Check your e-mail for a confirmation.

Once logged back in, start by filling out the information on your current employees – LinkedIn will create the other half of the profile, key statistics, pulled from the current employees’ profiles.

Questions? Need help using LinkedIn? – This link will bring you to the help section of LinkedIn, where all your questions can be answered.

Utilize, Popularize, Socialize

So, you and your company are now on LinkedIn – congratulations! Look forward to worldwide networking capabilities, opportunities for expanding business and an easier way of finding the most qualified employees. Thousands of notable companies have already begun utilizing LinkedIn’s beneficial and user-friendly features to find everything from business advice to the next big account. Now that you’re all set up, start right here.

1. Link your social media sites together.
Make it easy for your company fans to find you on all of the informational, social and networking sites you have a presence on. Placing social media buttons on the homepage of your website, linked to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites encourages web-browsers to dive into all aspects of your company, only a webpage away. The convenience will surely be appreciated, and each site will become more and more active. The more inter-connected your web assets become, the more traffic there will be to those sites and, as a result, the more likes, followers, connections, subscribers (you get the point) you will have in the end.

2. Target your efforts.
Every social media site will help you to reach your business’s full potential with customers, promotions, and marketing abilities. Customizing your sites to work in conjunction with your target audiences and business goals is a sure way to optimize their use. The same reason why our tooth brushes and hairbrushes, both great tools for grooming, are functionally designed to take care of two different aspects of the wake-up morning routine. Hence, a plaque fighting, teeth whitening, stinky breath eliminating brush along with a sleek and styled hairbrush make for an excellent looking person. Use your LinkedIn page to develop a more in-depth, professional side of your company, targeting business advice and professional networking with a 25-55 year old audience in mind. Use sites such as Twitter and Facebook, to capture the younger sociable audiences. Together, you have the perfect package.

3. Incorporate LinkedIn in your signature.
Sure, your name, phone number, and e-mail address are great to have in your signature at the bottom of an e-mail, or discussion post. You now have the opportunity to include your LinkedIn link for people to browse, and if your e-mail recipients are smart, they will make the swift addition to their signature as well. Your voicemail also may serve as a place where your LinkedIn link can be found, as long as it is spoken clearly and concisely. Make it pertinent for employees as well to utilize this function in their signatures, voicemails, and business cards to put everyone on the same page.

Incorporating LinkedIn to your business will be the most productive decision you make in today’s socially mediated world. Don’t let yourself miss out on a link-up, get the mobile app for LinkedIn. Now, put your education to practice – tweet, share, and post about your newest social media knowledge!

Start Connecting!

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