CES 2024: Show Predictions and Biggest Trends to Watch

CES 2024 is not just growing; it’s thriving. With the recent announcement from the Consumer Technology Association® (CTA), it’s evident that this year’s event is set to be a record-breaker. As the largest in-person, independently audited tech event globally, CES 2024 promises to showcase groundbreaking innovations from over 3,500 exhibitors, with a staggering 130,000+ attendees expected. In this blog, we’re highlighting the anticipated numbers, major trends, and what to expect from CES 2024.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still taking center stage yet again. AI is set to redefine the business landscape with groundbreaking advancements in generative AI, machine learning algorithms, and AI-driven robotics. The transformative power of enhanced Natural Language Processing will be on full display, showcasing how AI is reshaping industries and revolutionizing business operations.


Green Innovations for Sustainability

CES 2024 will spotlight the tech industry’s commitment to combating climate change. Attendees can expect to witness a wave of green innovations, spanning renewable energy, sustainable transport, and eco-friendly electronics. The emphasis on sustainability reflects a collective effort to create a greener, more environmentally conscious future.


Digital Health Technologies

Get ready for a transformative shift in healthcare as CES 2024 showcases the latest in digital health technologies. Wearable devices, AI-driven diagnostics, and virtual reality therapies will be a big focus, highlighting how technology is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being.


The Impact of 5G Technology

The spotlight on 5G technology at CES 2024, will explore its potential to reshape industries. With a focus on communication capabilities, 5G is poised to revolutionize connectivity and unlock new possibilities. Mobile gaming enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the impact of 5G on their gaming experiences, promising faster and more immersive gameplay.


The Evolution of Smart Home

Building on the momentum from previous years, CES 2024 will once again be a hub for smart home advancements. Attendees can expect a diverse range of innovative solutions, from security and audio-visual products to automation, accessibility, and user-friendly technologies. The focus on enhancing home office productivity and addressing modern parenting needs reflects the industry’s commitment to making daily life more convenient and secure.


Security and A/V

The enduring appeal of security and audio-visual (A/V) products remains a strong trend. With over 240 smart home solutions exhibited at CES 2023, CES 2024 is expected to continue this trajectory. Smart A/V products, acting as gateways for over half of smart home device owners, lead the market. The growing mainstream adoption of intelligent home security solutions, with a 10% growth since 2019, underscores consumers’ desire for safety and peace of mind.


As CES 2024 approaches, the excitement builds, promising a tech spectacle that will shape the future of innovation and redefine the possibilities of technology in our lives.

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