This past weekend, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returned to Las Vegas for another year, giving it’s 115,000 attendees a first-look at all of the innovative and new technologies we have to look forward to as we move through 2023. Keep reading on for the best in show highlights!


On-Site CES Client Highlights

Audio-Technica Introduces ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet™ Models, World’s First Streaming Headsets

High-quality audio manufacturer, Audio-Technica, announced the release of its ATH-M50xSTS and ATH-M50xSTS-USB streaming headsets at CES 2023. These models are the world’s first headsets specifically developed to address the needs of live-streaming content creators delivering full-spectrum, studio-quality for users and listeners on the receiving end. 


Chillax Expands Line of Advanced Baby Monitoring Tech

Chillax, an innovative consumer electronics brand in the family & parenting space, introduced its affordable AI baby monitor, thermographic camera with body temperature detection and tracking, low-cost Wi-Fi camera with audio monitor, and more at this year’s CES. With patented never-before-seen features, Chillax strives to deliver the highest quality products without making them unattainable. The brand has kept affordability in mind, while creating the most advanced baby technology available on the market with the all-new Giraffe AI, Thermo AI, and Care Plus models. 


CY Vision Debuts Latest Updates to 3D AR HUD Technology

A leading developer of holographic display technologies, CY Vision announced that the brand will be attending CES this year, after working tirelessly to ensure their latest updates to 3D AR HUD technology provides the best driving experience, without impacting the computing and usability of a vehicle. CY Vision has kept today’s cost and reliability requirements in mind while creating the most innovative, cutting-edge display technology available with its latest software updates.


Kopin Expands Family of Lightning® OLED Microdisplays

Kopin® Corporation, a leading developer and provider of transmissive and reflective active-matrix liquid crystal (LCDs), organic light emitting diode (OLED) and inorganic light emitting diode (LED) microdisplays, introduced an expanded family of Lightning® OLED microdisplays at CES 2023. Kopin’s expanded family of Lightning OLED products includes new ultralow power 0.26″ VGA (640 x 480), 0.39″ XGA (1024 x 768), and 0.61″ XGA microdisplays targeted at portable handheld and wearable products.


OSIM Unveils New Ultimate Stress Management Well-Being Chair

OSIM, a global leader in premium massage chairs and a pioneer in the wellness tech industry, introduced an all-new well-being chair at CES 2023. The uLove 3 Well-Being Chair is the epitome of innovative wellness and smart technology combined with superior design and aesthetic excellence by acclaimed Italian design house Pininfarina. Powered by AI science and Electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to measure, monitor, and manage stress, the uLove 3 Well-Being Chair delivers total stress relief and relaxation of mind and body. 


solos Expands Collection of Smart Glasses and Advanced Technology

Solos, a leading manufacturer of smart glasses, introduced its latest smart glasses at this year’s CES. The AirGo3 is the new 3rd generation of Solos’ AirGo smart glasses designed with a new SmartHinge™ that enables personalized front frame styles for fashion, sports, and everyday wear that is comfortable, yet lightweight. Solos also introduced the upcoming AirGo3 PRO version, which was a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. Built on the AirGo3 platform, the PRO version is the world’s first hearing smart glasses with an open-ear design and situational awareness.


Roborock Debuts All-New Cleaning Systems, Including Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Roborock, creator of ultra-intelligent home robotics engineered to simplify life, launched several innovative and intelligent home cleaning products at CES 2023. The Roborock S8 Series, its new flagship robot vacuum lineup consisting of three models, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Roborock S8+, and the Roborock S8. Roborock also introduced Dyad Pro, the brand’s new cordless wet-dry vacuum.


Yoshino Technology Announces New Features on its First Solid-State Technology (SST) Battery in a Portable Power Station

At CES 2023, Yoshino Technology announced two new features on the market’s first solid-state technology (SST) solar generator adaptable power stations. All models (B330, B660, B2000 and B4000) will be ETL Certified, which signifies proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. Yoshino’s SST portable power stations offer more power in a smaller, lighter and safer power station for uses ranging from outdoor family/outdoor adventure to home backup and industrial settings. 


Looking Ahead

The consumer technology industry is ever-changing and growing. At this year’s CES, we were shown the latest innovations in AI, smart tech, wearables, EV, computers, monitoring, robots, audio, health, and wellness, and more, giving us many exciting new products to look forward to in 2023. We will see you back in Vegas for CES 2024!

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