The biggest week of the year in tech is finally wrapping up: CES!

With an estimated 160,000 attendees and as Mashable said, “at a time of year when everyone’s at least 10% sick,” it’s time to wrap up with an unofficial “CES 2015 Trending Report.”

The below data was pulled from Tweet Reach, Google Trends, IconoSquare, and my own (tireless) 24/7 monitoring of all social networks since Sunday.

CES 2015 in Numbers

Most Talked About Brands

  • Samsung unveiled TVs, smartphones, laptops, audio speaker, a smartwatch, and an amazingly fast SSD.
  • Sony was right next to them with a smartwatch, TVs, cameras, smart eyewear and portable speakers and a $1,100 Walkman. Yes, a Walkman!

Most Talked About Products

  • Mercedes-Benz unveiled a self-driving car that many Twitter users debated about not for the technology but if they thought it was just plain ugly.
  • Smartwatches. All of them.

  • 3D Printing. All of that too. Especially the food ones because who wouldn’t love that.
  • Drones. Why do we love drones? Personally, I think the idea terrifies me and the fear is started with the fact that it’s one of the few products at CES that has to be caged.
  • Smart home products. From Nest’s growing connected family to Apple’s HomeKit and everything in between – a smart (and secure) home is definitely top of mind for press and consumers alike.

Most Talked About Moments

  • CES Unveiled where journalists scrambled to put out their first CES preview reports showing off the best of the new, and wacky, tech gadgets and innovations.’
  • The traffic and long cab lines. Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because no one can get out of Vegas.

  • Toyota’s press conference about opening up their fuel cell patents.
  • Anyone using a selfie stick. We’re OK with these going away.
  • Samsung’s Night with Marvel event where attendees got to see new Avengers footage.
  • Celebrities! Shaquille O’Neal, Elton John, and 50 Cent along with many others were representing brand and products on the show floor.

Most Used Social Networks

  • Twitter takes the cake with roughly 115K impressions on the official #CES2015 hashtag happening EVERY FEW HOURS. Mind blown. Although it can be noted that many of the tech media and influencers have strong followers on Twitter and a single tweet can easily result in up to 10K impressions. In terms of unique accounts, that number is closer to 100K every few hours.
  • Instagram follows suit with about 5K mentions on the hashtag, however the social app tends to be more personal for many users compared to Twitter and many profiles could have privacy settings, which would not be tracked through a reporting tool.

What were your favorite moments at CES 2015? Let us know in the comments below or give a shout on Twitter!

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