We are loaded with content on a daily basis. It’s a marketer’s job to create fresh, engaging material that breaks through the clutter and helps your brand earn the consumers’ trust.

So what does this mean for content marketers? We need to get creative. Sometimes you need to let go of traditional thinking and latch onto something fresh and exciting.

If your content marketing campaign is feeling a little drab, here are some things you can add into the mix to spice up your strategy and reel in your audience.


When designed properly, infographics are a valuable asset to your content marketing strategy. They provide the reader with quick, relevant pieces of information. Their visual element is an ideal supplement to hard-hitting statistics or complicated information. What’s more, these graphics can be integrated into your media relations strategy.


There’s a reason why YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. According to a 2013 Forbes article, there are 4 core reasons why we are so drawn to video, one of which is that movement grabs our attention. If you had to choose between a 600-word article and a 2-minute video with the same content, which way would you choose to ingest the information?



An image can be worth a thousand clicks, and for that reason, adding more pictures to your content marketing strategy can yield greater visibility for your brand. It’s important to note that there should be some thought given to these pictures – a “snap and post” strategy is not recommended. Ensuring that your images are of necessary quality for its purposes (and if you optimize your images, that you are optimizing for appropriate key words) will do wonders for your brand.

When it comes to generating new content, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here at lotus823, we host monthly brainstorms where we discuss new ideas for content that we can create for our clients. No idea is ever too crazy!

Have you seen any genius content marketing campaigns recently? Share them!


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