The connected home is becoming less of a fantasy only seen in The Jetsons and sci-fi movies. During CES 2014, CNET hosted a Connected Home panel speaking about the emergence of this industry, the various vertical markets within it, and how the technology can emerge.

A recent Juniper Research study indicates that the smart home industry will double in size by 2018. Large corporations and tech startups alike are creating technology to make the home more connected. Here are 7 connected home products that are making waves.

1. Connected by TCP™

The Connected by TCP™ smart home lighting system from Technical Consumer Products is a wireless LED lighting kit that lets you use a smartphone, tablet or computer to adjust your interior lighting. It provides scheduling, dimming and customization for up to 250 bulbs. Their app is offered in iOS and Android devices.

2. August Smart Lock

Yves Behar’s August Smart Lock is an alternative to traditional home locks that are prone to being picked by burglars or used by someone with a copy of your house key. By connecting the lock to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, the lock can be opened by the owner and anyone else the owner gives access to. The option to use a physical key is still there, but why bother if you can open your door via Bluetooth?


3. Canary

Canary is a smart home security system that provides affordability and peace of mind to a household. It provides security through a HD video camera and safety sensors, measuring motion, temperature, air quality, vibration, sound and activity inside the home. The device can learn what to deem a threat over time based on habits at your home, such as pets moving about. This can all be controlled through a mobile app.

4. HomeChat™

There’s an upcoming line of LG appliances called HomeChat™, making it possible to text message your technology at home. You’ll be able to find out what’s in your refrigerator, auto-set your oven by picking out a recipe, remotely start your washing machine and program your vacuum.


5. Iris Home Management System

Combining a home security system, temperature controls, energy controls and more, the Lowes Iris home management system gives the homeowner a lot of power. You can see things at home, keep energy bills down and get alerts when something is awry or if a loved one doesn’t come home at a scheduled time. This can be done via your smartphone or computer.

6. Kolibree

Kolibree is a smart toothbrush. That’s right, a smart toothbrush. It actually shows you how well you (or your kids) are brushing based on habits such as duration, frequency and neglected zones. You can then receive feedback and long-term reporting in your smartphone via a mobile app.


7. ivee

Although it looks like an alarm clock that can tell you the indoor temperature, ivee is actually a Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant. It enables you to connect to and control Wi-Fi devices including thermostats and home management hubs with the sound of your voice.

What connected home products have you used and how did you like them? Let us know in the comments below!

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