“Get to Know Your Customers Day” lands on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, which is the perfect reminder for businesses to celebrate their target audience and prioritize building customer loyalty. We covered this topic back in 2021 with tips on how to reach out to patrons, but now it is time for a refresh! Learn more below about how your business can go the extra mile to delight your customers in 2023.


Encourage Comments and Feedback

In any business, your customer’s opinion matters, and it’s truly the best way to get to know what your customers are looking for. So, it is important they feel heard, especially when we live in a more connected world than ever. You can encourage this in multiple ways. Here are some ideas…

  • Launch a survey online, where you exchange their feedback with a discount code.
  • Offer a discount in exchange for a review.
  • Launch a fun poll on your social media accounts and offer a discount code for participants.
  • Host a social media contest posing a question, and the top comment’s idea is implemented. They win a free product, credit, and bragging rights.

Once you gather feedback, it is time to put their words into action. This is the final step to show that you truly listen and that you appreciate their thoughts and opinions.


Add a New Loyalty Program Benefit

If you don’t already offer a loyalty program, this will be the perfect opportunity to start one. Most of a business’s revenue comes from existing customers, so having them return to buy more is critical for your business’s success. Show your loyal customers your gratitude by offering personalized discounts, offer a new benefit to your loyalty program, free samples, or merchandise. You can also offer multiple prizes on a virtual or physical wheel that customers can spin. Have fun with it. After all, it’s a time to celebrate!


Celebrate and Connect on Social Media

Social media platforms offer this virtual space where businesses can directly connect with customers from around the world. Take advantage of this space and make it fun!

  • Create a campaign using a hashtag where customers can send in a photo of them using your product. Then offer them a discount and share their photo on your own social media.
  • Host a live Q&A.
  • Make a collage to celebrate your community. 
  • Play with polls or stories to make the day more interactive.

This day is about them, so really think about who your customers are and how they might want to celebrate.


Simply Thank Your Customers!

A simple and personalized “thank you” can go a long way. Get to Know Your Customers Day is a day to show appreciation and recognition for the people who help to make your business a success. Thank them personally for their time and ask for a review and feedback to help make their experience even better. A small email conversation can make a huge difference. The world is filled with automation and AI, so making something from the heart will speak volumes.


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