Gen Z, those born between 1996 and 2015, now make up about 40% of the consumer market with approximately $360 billion in disposable income, according to Bloomberg. With this information in mind, it’s no surprise that Gen Z is a major audience for businesses to reach. However, with their natural skepticism, Gen Z can be a tough audience for brands to win over. We have previously discussed the differences between marketing to Gen Z vs. Millennials, so here are some tips to implement in your brand’s marketing strategy to reach these big earners.


Address Social Issues

Society has shifted from the idea that brands should keep their political opinions to themselves. JobSage conducted their own survey and found that 82% of Gen Zers believe companies should take a stand on social issues. Racism was the number one topic Gen Z wants to see addressed, according to 88% of survey responders. 83% agreed they want to see companies take a stand on mental health. Other popular topics included, gender inequality, economic inequality, access to healthcare, climate change, and homophobia. This shows that Gen Z is interested in more than just your product; they are interested in you and the company itself. Gen Zers want to support companies that align with their values and political beliefs. When you share their same ideals, this generation will likely prioritize your brand over others, making them a loyal customer.


Be Transparent, Be Authentic

Even with social issues aligned, Gen Z will not be fooled. They will make sure that you practice what you preach and aren’t just saying something to say it, but because you believe it. Besides, misleading consumers will not just hurt your chances with Gen Z, but your reputation for all potential customers. With easy access to global platforms such as, Tik Tok and Amazon reviews, Gen Zers will likely speak out and spread the word of any inauthentic marketing or values of your brand. Be honest and true to yourself and your company, and like-minded Gen Z will get behind you.


Prioritize Customer Service

Gen Z shoppers spend an average of 18 minutes reading reviews before making a purchase. The generation that grew up with easy access to the internet can and will take advantage of all the information available to them. This includes looking at product reviews, demos, looking at competitors, finding a better deal, and finding a brand that aligns with their values. In business today, there is more competition than ever before, and Gen Z knows that they have the upper hand as a consumer. The more information you can provide about your product with thorough descriptions, demos, and photos on social media, the more likely you’ll entice them to buy. It might also be a good idea to track your reviews, respond to those with issues, and address any concerns, because if you don’t Gen Z will.


Engage on Social Media

In terms of research, social media is a key place where Gen Z will look for brands. They will deep dive into your accounts to scoop out your brand’s culture, values, pictures, and videos of a product. 97% of Gen Z consumers say they use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration. To put it in perspective, the trending hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has over 22.6 billion views, while #AmazonFinds has even more! This shows how Gen Z wants to help fellow Gen Zers find the best deals and best products for them, by giving their opinion and review on a product or brand. This is a good reason why you might consider working with an influencer as well. Members of Gen Z like to follow accounts that align with their interests. So, if you decide to work with an influencer, they could help you by increasing brand interest. Gen Z shoppers might be sold simply based on the influencers willingness to even work with your brand.

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