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Private Instagram Posts and Stories Can be Shared Publicly Using Just a Web Browser

Attention Instagram users, if you’re concerned about privacy, this news is for you. While you may have thought that setting your Instagram account to private would control who can see your posts, it turns out that your photos and stories are still at risk of being shared. Thanks to browsers like Google Chrome, your Instagram followers are able to view and share the URL of your photo with those who are not following you. When a user is looking at your photo or story, they are able to load the “Img” section, find the URL of the photo, and share publicly. These URLs are still available even after the original post has expired or been deleted. The same goes for Facebook; URLs for private posts, photos, and stories can be easily manipulated and shared publicly.

Twitter Officially Launches Option to Drag to Re-Order Attached Tweet Images

This month, Twitter introduced a new option that is sure to improve user experience. Previously when users drafted a tweet, they had to make sure they uploaded the photos exactly how they wanted them to appear in the post. Now, a new update allows users to re-arrange how their photos will appear. The process is simple: Pick which picture you want to include, click-and-drag on each photo to organize order appearance, and publish!

LinkedIn Adds New ‘Find an Expert’ Post Option to Connect with Relevant Freelancers

Finding freelancers and professionals on LinkedIn has now become much easier. In September, the platform introduced a new option that lets users ask their connections for recommendations based off of certain criteria. When looking for freelancers or professionals, users can create a new post, choose “Find an Expert,” enter relevant information for the position they’re looking to fill, and share with their network. From there, their connections can make suggestions or share with those who are qualified for the position. Not only is this option beneficial for freelancers, it also helps businesses efficiently find candidates.

Facebook May Soon Hide Total Like Counts on Posts, Mirroring Instagram’s Test

Similar to Instagram, it was revealed this month that Facebook is considering removing the option to see the number of likes a post gets. In July, Instagram started removing the number of likes received on a post in certain countries. Even though this update has received a lot of backlash from Instagram users, it is still something Facebook is willing to try. This update is currently in the process of being tested, but if put into motion, it could really affect how future posts are received.

September Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Industry News

Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products

Amazon’s recent update in search algorithm has changed the way products are found, but it seems to only benefit the platform. When a customer searches for a product, instead of showing just best-selling products, Amazon will boost the products that are most profitable for the platform. While this news hasn’t been confirmed by Amazon, the potential outcomes could hurt sales for any business that sells on the platform.

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook recently introduced Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), which will replace the platform’s previous advertising option, Ad Set Level. Here’s how this new option will work: CBO automatically manages your advertisements, based off of your objectives, and budgets accordingly, spending more money on posts that will perform well. While this update is available now for businesses to use, by February 2020, all advertisers will have to use CBO. Thus, it’s extremely important to learn how CBO will work for your business before Facebook officially makes the switch.

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