Dairy Queen Social MediaFrom the success of Netflix’s Stranger Things to the cultural phenomenon of Pokémon Go, it’s never been more obvious that nostalgia sells. Emotion-based marketing campaigns are particularly successful with the millennial market. That’s why it’s no surprise that more and more brands are tapping into the past in the digital age.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a rather unique marketing campaign from Dairy Queen and Marvel Studios, designed to promote the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. The film and its sequel boast a soundtrack packed with 1970s hits and feature a protagonist whose most prized possession is a Sony Walkman from his childhood. The campaign, entitled #MissionMixtape, is a unique blend of social media and nostalgic joy.

The fun began with a sponsored Facebook post announcing the contest. Users were urged to claim one of 1,000 cassette tapes that would unlock prizes ranging from DQ gift cards to posters signed by the Guardians cast. I happened upon the post during my lunch break and being the office’s resident nerd, quickly jumped at the chance to participate. I entered quickly enough to secure one of the rare tapes and just one week later it had arrived in my mailbox.

#MissionMixtapeOne of the key components to participating in #MissionMixtape is actually owning a device that could play cassette tapes, a rarity in 2017. I dug through my basement and managed to unearth my Sony SPORT Walkman, which hadn’t been used since 1997 judging by the batteries I found inside! One set of new batteries later and I was ready to listen to my first cassette in two decades. The tape itself is fairly straight forward, featuring a few retro themed songs about DQ Blizzard treats (you can listen here). As the tape comes to a close and the mission is “completed” I was provided with a code to enter on Dairy Queen’s website, revealing my prize. While I wasn’t a grand prize winner, the cassette itself is a rarity and something I’ll add to my collection.

Will #MissionMixtape drive more customers to Dairy Queen? That remains to be seen. However the campaign has me talking about the brand across social media and judging by a quick look at the hashtag, I’m not the only one. Mission accomplished!

What nostalgic advertising campaign is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @lotus823!


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