Why working at lotus823 is better than working at any other public relations agency.

We’ve just wrapped up CES week. And, if you work in public relations for consumer electronics and technology clients, you know what that means. The International Consumer Electronics Show brings out the marketing savage in all of us.

This past week, our CES road warriors amped up their Instagram game (like it wasn’t past the point of addiction already…) by posting a plethora of photos of the latest and greatest in technology (and a few celebrity sightings using the hashtag #MyJobIsBetterThanYours). Some of the celebrity-obsessed loti may be looking a little green, but let’s be honest: we’re lucky to get a ton of perks you just don’t get at other public relations agencies.

The lotus823 Job Perks

To name just a few… 

1. Commute

Thirty minutes down a country lane? Sure. A good 3 hours daily on a train or bus to the city? Forget it. Time is money. Not to mention the cost of that commute is pretty pricey. I can leave when I’m ready and never have to worry about catching a bus or train on time.

2. Food

Hungry? Need a snack? Not going to make it to lunch? Head to the lotus823 kitchen. It’s always stocked. Have a Diet Coke addiction? It’s okay, me too. You’ll get your fix.

3. Environment and Culture

lotus823 is warm and cozy in both the literal and figurative sense. We bond on more than a professional level. Plus, I get to dress comfortably. Sayonara, business professional dress and dry cleaners!

4. Bring Your Dog to Work Day

No explanation should be necessary. Look at him.

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