Music is a huge motivator in the lotus823 office. On any given day the office soundtrack includes everything from indie rock and the classics to hip-hop and electronic dance music.

Much research has been done on the topic of music in the workplace, with varied results. Some say music is a distractor while others report that music in the workplace actually helps boost productivity. Here at lotus823, we strongly believe the latter. Music helps us get through our day. In addition to helping us get our work done, music helps lower loti stress levels and makes our office a more fun and enjoyable atmosphere to work in.

Other Reasons Why We Find Music Motivational:

It’s an attitude booster: Having a rough day? Music can help! Whether you need some energy or need to calm down, listening to your favorite tunes can help set a new tone for the day. What’s on our positivity playlist you ask? Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves of course!

It helps block out distractions: Need to get in the zone? When you are working on something that needs your full attention, music can help you tune out the chaos around you. So turn it up and tune out! The loti team turns up Jammin (Benny Benassi Remix) by Bob Marley and The Wailers when we need to focus.

It inspires creativity: Need some mental stimulation? Music can help get you in the groove. According to The Mozart Effect, slower Baroque music, such as Bach, Handel, Vivaldi or Corelli, can create mentally stimulating environments for creativity and new innovations. While the classics might help inspire some, our team’s pick for boosting brainwaves is Steppin’ Razor by Sublime.

Motivational Music

What songs motivate you to stay positive, focused and creative at work?


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