Last month, we reported that data and privacy discussions were a hot industry topic, and the discussions continued throughout May. This month, you may have noticed an influx of privacy policy update emails in light of GDPR going into effect. Major media outlets and social networks are working quickly to acclimate to the GDPR, and these adaptations are causing some changes you may not have realized. For instance, Facebook is changing the way it works with third-parties to provide ad targeting criteria, so advertisers may find it more challenging to target the right person through ads going forward. Additionally, Twitter announced an embarrassing system mistake that may have compromised its 330 million users’ accounts and encouraged all users to change their passwords.

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May Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Twitter Tells 330 Million Users to Change Passwords After Bug

If you logged into your Twitter account in May, you likely saw a warning message that recommended you change your password – and you weren’t alone. Twitter alerted its 330 million users by recommending a password change after discovering that an error with its hashing system prevented it from saving passwords with a secure “hashed” random string of characters. Rather than securely saving the passwords, the system saved them in plain text, making it easy for accounts to be compromised. The social network said that there isn’t any evidence of password breach or misuse, but users should consider changing their passwords out of an “abundance of caution.” So, what are you waiting for? Head to Twitter now and change your password if you haven’t already!

Instagram Partners with Spotify for Instagram Stories Music Button

May Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Instagram is partnering with Spotify to introduce a new music button feature in its Stories platform. The music button will allow users to share a linkable button to a song, which can be added as an overlay on their photo or video. When clicked, the song will open in Spotify. The new feature is the latest update in a series of improvements on the social network’s Stories platform that rival those of Snapchat’s. With Snapchat continuing to report quarterly losses, they’re surely feeling the pressure from Instagram right now.

YouTube Launched Music Streaming Service ‘YouTube Music’

YouTube is rolling out its own music streaming service called YouTube Music, which will give users access to official songs and albums, as well as thousands of playlists, artist-inspired radio stations, live performances, covers, and exclusive music videos. According to YouTube, more than one billion users come to YouTube for their music needs each month. For years, fans have demanded an option to lock their smart phones while listening to music through YouTube, and the new streaming service presents a more user-friendly mobile experience to address those demands. YouTube Music is being rolled out to select countries initially and will be a free service with the option to upgrade to an ad-free plan for a monthly fee.

Big Changes for Facebook’s Ad Platform Following Data Scandal

May Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Following the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, Facebook has been working to reassure consumers about their online privacy, but new changes could mean larger challenges for advertisers. In an effort to protect privacy, Facebook is making big changes to its targeting options, including the removal of custom audience size data and limited partner data, with complete removal of partner data expected in coming months. For advertisers, the removal of audience size estimates could prove tricky to ensure an advertising campaign is designed for the correct audience size. Additionally, partner data removal means valuable targeting criteria, like job titles, will no longer be an option.

Digital Marketing

Google Introduces Automatic AdWords Ad Copy Suggestions

If you’re advertising on Google AdWords, you’ll want to take note of a new feature the ad platform is introducing called “ad suggestions.” Designed to improve campaign performance, “ad suggestions” are automatically-generated ad copy that Google will produce using variations of existing text ads. Unless reviewed and dismissed within 14 days, Google will also automatically implement its “ad suggestions” within your ads. Therefore, advertisers should review any active campaigns to ensure the automated suggestions are reviewed before going live.

Microsoft Launching New “Audience Ads” Network for Bing Ads

At the Bing Partner Summit, Microsoft announced that it will soon be launching its own display network. To date, AOL has been the exclusive seller of Microsoft display advertising. Now, Bing search advertisers will be able to expand their campaigns through what Microsoft is calling “Audience Ads” across various Microsoft and third-party properties that will be part of the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). The new display network will include the option for advertisers to tap into Microsoft’s audience graph, which includes LinkedIn user data, as well as Office365 subscribers and Windows users.

Industry News

Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages to the Trunk of Your Car

May Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Back in March, Amazon made headlines after announcing the acquisition of doorbell company Ring, allowing the eCommerce giant to expand its Amazon Key program to in-home deliveries. Now, the e-tailer is taking personalized package delivery a step further by allowing customers to request in-trunk delivery. The new extension, called Amazon Key In-Car, will allow couriers to drop off packages in participating Amazon Prime members’ trunks. The program is initially only available in select cities and requires certain vehicles that feature cloud-connected technology for safe delivery.

Amazon Ends All Google Shopping Campaigns

In an unexpected move, Amazon ceased all Google Shopping ad campaigns in May. The eCommerce giant’s Google Shopping campaigns were largely focused on the home goods product category, furniture, office supplies, and novelty gifts. Previously, Amazon’s size and bidding capabilities made it more difficult for smaller businesses bidding on keywords within these categories; however, with Amazon stepping out of the competitive ring, it opens the doors for smaller advertisers to see results on Google Shopping without being outbid.

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