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Influencers build their social media followings by sharing their own opinions and engaging editorial pieces. These people are trusted by those who follow them; when they test a product, their reviews are taken seriously. Bottom line: influencer endorsements are impactful.

By partnering with influencers, brands are able to build instant trust and credibility with highly targeted audiences.

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Grow Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

A striking 74% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by content and opinions found on social media platforms (ODM Group social media study), and 81% of consumers trust the advice they read on a blog (BlogHer). Influencer marketing is today’s word-of-mouth promotion, with bigger power and greater reach. If you haven’t yet, creating an influencer marketing program for your brand is a must. lotus823 is a trusted influencer marketing agency with proven experience in matching brands with relevant influencers who can directly impact reputation, traffic, and conversions.

Agency Advice: Why You Need Influencer Marketing

Shoppers are able to spot and block digital advertisements, and they know when a celebrity is being paid to endorse certain products. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, which means that the traditional ways of advertising and marketing must evolve. Consumers now want real information from sources they know and trust. Enter influencers.


Our strategic approach to identifying the right influencer marketing opportunities for clients encompasses extensive research, creative concept recommendations, and calculated tactics to elevate engagement and deliver maximum, measurable results for all influencer campaigns. Above all, we ensure that the influencers we seek to partner with are the perfect fit for your brand in all aspects, from audience, to aesthetic, to tone.


Tactical Outreach 

Credible influencers are as strategic with whom they will partner with as we are when we choose ideal influencers for your brand. They do not want to mislead their audience, and will only promote products they believe in. Our PR pros will craft compelling pitches that are relevant to our chosen influencers’ audience and editorial voice, creating excitement at the prospect of testing your product(s).


We will work with you to determine the overall goals of your influencer marketing campaign. Through this powerful platform, we can create a specific strategy to achieve KPIs that align with your most crucial goals.


Is your goal to grow your social following? lotus823 will partner with social media influencers who have high engagement rates on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook, and have them link back to your social media profile. Want to grow your sales on Amazon or your e-commerce site? We will identify influencers who are willing to test out your product(s) and direct their audience to your preferred e-commerce platform. Want to collect leads for your e-mail marketing program? We will work with influencers to run a highly targeted lead collection campaign. The options are endless.

Sell more and grow faster with Influencer marketing!

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