June Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Instagram Lets Brands Turn Influencer Posts into Ads

This month, Instagram launched a tool that will change the way influencers are able to expand their reach. Previously, brands that utilized influencers to post sponsored content on their Instagram profile were limited to that content reaching only the Instagram users that follow that influencer. With this change, however, influencers will now be able to use the new “paid partnership” tool, which will also feature a toggle option that lets brands “allow my [their] business partner to boost.” Therefore, this feature will enable brands to appear in the feeds of a larger audience, regardless of being a follower of a particular influencer or not. As brands continue to increase influencer budgeting, it is no surprise that Instagram has responded to one of the top requests from businesses.

YouTube’s AR Ads Let You Try on Virtual Makeup Alongside Beauty Vloggers

June Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Google is introducing augmented reality to the realm of advertising this summer with plans to integrate AR into the beauty sector of YouTube. The goal of this initiative is to allow viewers to experience the products and brands that beauty vloggers feature on their channels with a “virtual try on” feature. Although the appeal of this feature may be due to its initial novelty, Google is hoping its interactive nature will prove to be more effective than a traditional video advertisement. Results of this new feature will unfold in the near future as MAC cosmetics is the first brand to launch an AR Beauty Try-On campaign.

Twitter Removes Support for Precise Geotagging Because No One Uses It

While it seems as though most social media platforms are focused on adding new features for their account holders, Twitter recognizes the lack of engagement its geotag feature received and decided to remove the feature altogether. Although geotags will still be available on the platform for tweets with photos, Twitter attributed the removal of the feature as a way to simplify the Tweeting experience. The big plans that Twitter originally had in store for its geotag feature, when the concept was first introduced in 2009, have been outshined by hashtags and trending topics, which contributed to Twitter’s decision to remove this option.

Snapchat is Experimenting With an Events Feature of Its Own

As an attempt to keep up with a similar function offered by Facebook, Snapchat is now testing out a feature to provide support for events. It is currently unclear exactly how this feature would operate, as well as whether this feature will be used to create public events or will be targeted more for private events between immediate Snapchat friends. Considering that the app has projections for its user base to decrease by 2.8% this year, there is no doubt that this feature is an attempt to increase Snapchat’s user base and avoid a complete termination in interest by the public.

Industry News

Amazon Prime Air Gets More Planes to Boost One-Day Shipping to You

June Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Amazon has taken action to transition its Prime two-day shipping services to a one-day service offered to all U.S. Prime members as they expand their fleet of Boeing cargo planes. This month, Amazon announced its lease for an additional 15 Bowing 737-800 planes, aside from the 42 planes that the online retail mogul already has flying today. By 2021, Amazon will operate a vast number of 70 airplanes to deliver packages to Prime members in the shortest amount of time possible. Many speculate that Amazon has taken on this goal of rapid expansion to help the company maintain its top spot against many of its competitors.

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