Throughout January, we have seen newly-launched features across all social media platforms. Learn more about the latest updates in the industry below!

January Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Instagram Addresses Questions on Algorithm, Comment Pods and Verification [Infographic]

Instagram is usually sharing insightful information regarding the platform on its @Creators account, and this month in particular, they offered an in-depth explanation about the feed algorithm and how it works. With brands now having a stronger understanding of Instagram’s feed ranking system, they are better able to see what content performs best.

Twitter Updates its ‘Flight School’ Platform Education Courses

Twitter has recently added new lessons to its educational platform called ‘Flight School.’ This free crash course of everything Twitter-related focuses on the ways that brands can best utilize Twitter ads. Digital marketers can take advantage of these new courses without spending a dime and ultimately acquire new skills.

Facebook Outlines New ‘Video Traffic Source Insights’ and Provides Video Tips

Facebook has just announced the new launch of video insights, called Traffic Source Insights. Within this, Facebook offers new specific performance data, including suggestions on optimizing for followers, optimizing for shares, and supercharging videos to be eligible for Recommendations. Brands are now able to create a better response with their content and can learn more about Facebook’s distribution process.

Snapchat Publishes New Data on Brand Expectations Among Gen Z Consumers

In its latest research report, Snapchat unveiled what exactly Gen Z consumers are expecting from the brands that they choose to purchase from. Top responses focused on brand innovation and the impact this has on purchasing considerations. Thanks to this insight, brands can now take advantage of these consumer behavior results and create content that appeals to the next generation of shoppers.

Industry News

Google Brings its ‘Dataset Search’ Tool Out of Beta Testing

After months of testing, Google has just announced that its Dataset Search tool will be available to all users. Brands who are looking for in-depth, quantitative research for reinforcement of their ideas can now find the substantive data they need. Content that is supported will help reinforce a brand’s expertise and with Google’s Dataset Search tool, millions of datasets are easily accessible.

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