Facebook has been immersing itself in the business of helping companies flourish through the platform’s ad programs. From offering boosted posts to paid ads with measurable results, Facebook has positioned itself as a necessary marketing tool in today’s world. With the site now surpassing the 2 billion user mark, Facebook provides an opportunity for brands to reach beyond their initial sought-after audiences, a feature that the platform has leveraged to remain ahead of its competition.

Through Facebook, companies have the potential to reach their fans, friends of fans, and people across the globe who may be interested in what they have to offer, but these ads don’t stop at just Facebook. Ads that users see on the site may be following them to other mobile apps with the help of the Facebook Audience Network.

Defining the Facebook Audience Network: Beyond the App

According to Facebook, the Audience Network is, “a way for advertisers to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.” This opens new doors for businesses as their ads will be spread across multiple channels. The user seeing the ad again, but on a different app, is more likely to remember the brand and potentially click on the ad to make a purchase or obtain additional information. As is often the case, seeing the same content repeatedly enhances brand recognition.

Mobile applications such as Shazam, The Huffington Post, and the Kardashian games are all utilizing the Facebook Audience Network. “Audience Network has delivered phenomenal performance for us. It’s already a top performing ad network, driving a 37% increase in our revenue from ad networks. The targeting means the ads are more relevant to our users, and the diversity and quality of advertisers is top notch,” says Rhiannon White, Director of Project Management for Shazam. Through these efforts, the audience sees compelling ads that blend in organically with the user flow.

 Defining the Facebook Audience Network: Beyond the App

The Facebook Audience Network is successful because it can be personalized for the user, is relevant, leads to measurable results, and offers cross-platform targeting. The network makes it easy to complete online advertising through one simple click, and the system will handle optimization and delivery. Publishers can even improve monetization opportunities with enhanced ad experiences increasing engagement and value; developers can implement native ads that look like original content; and advertisers can grow their ideal audience off of Facebook and on to mobile applications and websites.

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