If you follow our blog, you’ve seen we’ve offered up our expertise and pinpointed our top tips for crowdfunding success. And, if you follow the industry—or the news in general—you’ve seen a great deal of chatter on the Potato Salad Kickstarter that’s made over $60,000.

From what it can teach us about successful campaigns to the backlash surrounding the support of silly causes, there certainly were (and still are) a lot of opinions to keep up with.

However, at the end of the day, what it means and what it can teach us is this: to garner attention and have a successful campaign, you must be unique and creative.

Case in point, the potato salad campaign’s food copycatters aren’t doing so well:

The Best and Worst of Creative Crowdfunding Campaigns

For better and for worst, these folks certainly get an A+ for creativity:

The Internet collectively decided that this is definitely something they need:

While our unicorn friend found the hat she always dreamed about:

Gen Yers everywhere shouted a big “HOORAY” for bringing back Reading Rainbow:

Little did you know, your plants are musicians and can be booked for a night at top dollar:

This guy is now alive thanks to 82 generous backers:

Watch him go!

Maybe not a grand idea, although 8 were ready to invest in their own MoneyTrim:

Thank heavens! We’re safe! A lovely group of 37 backers made anti-zombie soap possible.

Seriously, maybe you need to prep yourself even further than soap:

And, if you thought the potato salad guy was the first to get his meal funded, think again. This guy just wanted a burrito:

And, of course, there’s many more gems out there. Do you have a creative crowdfunding campaign idea?

Read on to learn more about crowdfunding best practices from our lotus823 team:

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